Changing tutorials

Am I eligible to change tutorials?

You are only eligible if you meet the following criteria:

  • The times of my core units clash
  • I have an Academic Integration Plan (AIP), which has the specific reasonable adjustment 'Tutorial Pre-registration required' assigned
  • I am responsible for the care of another person

Note: Work commitments are not considered an extenuating circumstance if submitting under the 'core units clash' criterion.

These criteria are strict and supporting documents must be supplied as noted on the form. All requests will be assessed by staff within the School that owns the unit.

What if the tutorial I want to register in is full?

You will need to select another tutorial time. If all of the tutorials in the unit are full you may need to change your enrolment. If you must complete the unit for your course, contact the Unit Coordinator for advice. Some tutorial times are more popular than others so you may not always get your first choice.

Extenuating circumstances prevent me from registering in an available tutorial time.

You may be eligible to change your tutorial time by appealing to the school via a Change of Tutorial Form. To be considered you must already be registered in a tutorial and you will need to provide evidence to support your extenuating circumstances

How do I request to change tutorials, if I'm eligible?

You will need to complete a Change of tutorial form. You will need to complete this form, attach supporting documentation and email it from your student email address to your school via the contact details below.

In the subject line of your email, please state Change of tutorial and identify the Unit Code and Unit Name.

Forms submitted without the relevant supporting documentation will not be accepted. Submission of form is not a guarantee that a change will be approved.

Note: If your timetable is showing a clash/full, a print screen of your timetable from Allocate + (Tutorial Registration system), can be attached to your application as your supporting documentation.

Based on the School your unit belongs to, find out where to email your form.

School of Business

School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics

School of Education

School of Humanities and Communication Arts

School of Law

School of Nursing and Midwifery

School of Science and Health

School of Social Sciences and Psychology

The College

If you are enrolled with The College, please note that you do not need to complete a Change of tutorial form.  To request a change to your timetable, contact Student Central or phone the Tutorial Registration hotline on 9852 5471.  The above criteria still apply, and you must provide supporting documents to be considered.

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