Week 8: The Hawkesbury site

Monday, 5 May 2014

Twenty five years ago this week Hawkesbury campus at Richmond was the University of Western Sydney Hawkesbury. The construction of the Hawkesbury site began in 1891 when the land was cleared, by hand, by the first students for the establishment of the Hawkesbury Agricultural College. These students then went on to construct to the first buildings. Hawkesbury campus currently occupies about 1373 hectares and has around 2 500 students.

Most of what is now Richmond was occupied by the Darug people prior to European arrival.  Europeans explored the area as early as 1789 and originally called the place “Richmond Hill”. Richmond was the third European settlement in Australia after Sydney and Parramatta. Richmond was also one of the five “Macquarie towns” (Castlereagh, Pitt Town, Richmond, Wilberforce and Windsor) established on higher ground from December 1810 after severe floods in 1809.

From the archives

P19 Aerial photograph - Main campus looking South-West Hawkesbury Agricultural College of Advanced Education (HACAE) 1986

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Did you know?

That the first 9 hole golf course constructed in the Richmond area was built at the Hawkesbury Agricultural College in 1897 and was followed by another 9 holes in 1898.

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