Week 15: Firsts

Monday, 23 June 2014

The University of Western Sydney has always been at the forefront of providing opportunities for first in families 'out west' to gain access to higher education. Many of the University’s preceding institutions have also been leaders in their respective fields providing access to education and opportunities in the fields of agriculture, nursing and teacher education. In 2007 the University had its first intake of medical students.

The University of Western Sydney has also always been a leader in the fields of social justice, equality and equity.

From the archives

Sheerin Amirbeaggi (with Pari (mother) and Hossein (father) and Eddy Saba) - First UWS Nepean Graduate in Physics, 14 October 1992 P2385

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From the archives this week, we have:

Did you know?

The first female students to enrol at the Hawkesbury Agricultural College weren’t until 1969 and that they had their own dormitory called the Cats Flat.

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