Week 12: The Werrington North site

Monday, 2 June 2014

Werrington North Campus was part of the University of Western Sydney Nepean twenty five years ago this week. This site was first owned by Europeans in 1806 when it was part of a land grant to Mary Putland (Govenor Bligh’s daughter) but there were no buildings until the 1830s.

Prior to being established as the ‘headquarters’ of the new University of Western Sydney the site was used as a boys’ home known as Werrington Park.
The large lake below the main carpark was constructed during the works carried out in the late 1980’s to establish Chifley University (the name later being changed to University of Western Sydney).

Most of what is now Werrington was occupied by the Darug people prior to European arrival.  

From the archives

P6094 Main driveway Werrington Park (Werrington North Campus) 1961

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Did you know?

The original gates from Werrington Park can still be seen attached to the outside wall of Building AB (near the roundabout).

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