Week 13: The Werrington South site

Monday, 9 June 2014

Werrington South Campus was part of the University of Western Sydney Nepean twenty five years ago this week.

This site formed part of a land grant to Mary Putland upon her marriage to Maurice O'Connell (then Lt Colonel of Lachlan Macquarie's 73rd Regiment) in 1810.

The link bridge which connects Werrington South and Werrington North is an award winning architectural structure.

Most of what is now Werrington was occupied by the Darug people prior to European arrival.  

From the archives

AI-20063 Aerial Werrington South Campus 1993

Image gallery
From the Archives this week, we have:
  • In the above image gallery, an aerial view of the Werrington South campus, 1993 (AI-20063)
  • Tree planting by school children at Werrington South, 1993 (P2842)
  • Construction of the Link Bridge over the Great Western Highway at Werrington, January 1992 (AI-2105)
  • Ward (Hub) Library under Construction (Colour Transparency 2 of 2), July 1992 (P2560)
  • Official Opening of the Ward Library, Werrington South campus, 9 February 1994 (P3034)

Did you know?

There was a drive-in movie theatre on the Werrington South site.

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