Week 10: The Nirimba site

Monday, 19 May 2014

Twenty five years ago this week the Nirimba campus at Blacktown was the HMAS Nirimba, a Royal Australian Navy training base.

HMAS Nirimba was commissioned on 1 April 1953 and operated as a training facility for Naval apprentices until it was finally decommissioned on 25 February 1994.

Nirimba had trained about 13,000 young men and women from the Royal Australian Navy and other Commonwealth navies. The University of Western Sydney now occupies the site, which was also the scene of dress rehearsals for the 2000 Olympic Games opening ceremony.

Nirimba campus currently occupies around 78 hectares and has a bit over 1000 students.

Most of what is now Blacktown was occupied by the Darug people prior to European arrival.

From the archives

Aerial view of Nirimba (Black town Campus University of Western Sydney Hawkesbury) 10 September 1996

Image gallery
From the Archives this week, we have:
  • In the above gallery, and aerial view of Nirimba (Blacktown Campus, University of Western Sydney) 10 September 1996.
  • Captain FL George first commanding officer HMAS Nirimba.
  • First Officers of HMAS Nirimba 1956.
  • First apprentices HMAS Nirimba July 1956.
  • Boatbuilding- HMAS Nirimba 1950s.
  • General view of the machine shop 1950s.
  • HMAS Nirimba 35 year anniversary cake 1991.
  • AI-20065 Building U1- Nirimba 1990s.

Did you know?

Nirimba is an Aboriginal word meaning pelican and was the main theme of the HMAS Nirimba crest.

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