Week 7: The Campbelltown site

Monday, 28 April 2014

Twenty five years ago this week Campbelltown campus was part of the Macarthur Institute of Higher Education, joining the University to become part of the University of Western Sydney Macarthur in November 1989. The construction of the Campbelltown site on 162 hectares of land to the north of the Campbelltown Regional Centre began in 1984. Campbelltown campus has around 6 500 students.

Most of what is now Campbelltown was occupied by the Tharawal people prior to European arrival.  Europeans originally called the area “Campbell Town” after Elizabeth Campbell, Governor Lachlan Macquarie’s wife. The area was hugely significant for sheep grazing but the town itself didn’t really start to grow until the 1830s.

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Campbelltown campus poster

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Campbelltown campus began at the 'Maryfields' Monastery.

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