Week 5: The University Seals

Monday, 14 April 2014

Seals have been used over the centuries as a means of authenticating documents and are used by Universities on testamurs and other significant documents.

The Vice-Chancellor keeps the Seal of the University in strict custody. Historically many seals were pressed into wax to create the embossed image. ‘Modern’ seals are mostly pressed directly onto the paper resulting in an embossed image that most often represents the organisation’s logo.

Each of the University of Western Sydney’s predecessor organisations had their own unique seals. The seal presses used to emboss the logos of the University and its predecessors are held in the University Archives Collection.

From the archives

Official seal of the Hawkesbury Agricultural College

Image gallery

From the Archives this week, we have prepared a gallery of some of these seals.

Did you know?

The seal can only be affixed to a document by resolution of the Board of Trustees or by agreement of two designated senior officers in particular circumstances.

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