Week 20: Community Engagement

Monday, 28 July 2014

The University of Western Sydney has always been firmly embedded amongst and within the communities it serves and services. UWS is truly a university of the people catering to a large proportion of 'first in family' university students.

Community outreach and engagement activities include but aren't limited to training courses/classes, exhibitions (both in Australia and overseas), astronomy nights, science fairs, open days, academic exchanges such as hosting visiting scholars, school children hosting radio programs, video festivals, presenting awards at local high schools, and community projects such as water re-use projects.

From the archives

Charles T Musson, Lecturer in Botany and Entomology, giving a class outside to a group of school children [Hawkesbury Agricultural College (HAC)] c.1900 (P2745)

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From the Archives this week we have:

Did you know?

The University of Western Sydney also partners with Local/State/Federal Government, Educational and research bodies, community groups, professional associations and business to provide opportunities to families and communities in the Greater Western Sydney area.

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