Visa information

Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) National Code

The ESOS National Code is designed to protect your rights as an International student studying in Australia.

Student Visa Conditions

It is important that you maintain your student visa conditions whilst studying on a student visa in Australia.

Mandatory and discretionary conditions for Student Visa Holders (opens in a new window)

Please contact the Department of Home Affairs (Immigration) if you have any questions regarding visa matters

Make an enquiry with The Department of Home Affairs (opens in a new window)

If your visa is about to expire or has expired, you should go to the My visa is about to expire or has expired webpage (opens in a new window). It is the fastest and easiest way to resolve your immigration matter.

International Student Intervention Strategy

Currently enrolled International students are expected to complete their study within the timeframe stated on their CoE.

If there are any compelling or compassionate reasons that would interfere with your study, you are encouraged to contact Student Welfare Service as soon as possible.

CoE (Confirmation of Enrolment)

You will need a new CoE if you are unable to complete your study within the expected timeframe. You can request a new CoE by contacting the Student Central infoline 1300 668 370 or email Please note that you may need to provide a new course completion date confirmed by your Director of Academic Program.

Visa Extension

Post Study Work Visa

If you lodged your first student visa application on or after 5th of November 2011, and have completed two year degree level qualification, you may be eligible for a Post Study Work Visa. (opens in a new window)