Live on campus

Western Sydney University Village (opens in a new window) is an external accommodation provider located on or close to campuses. Students who choose to live with Western Sydney University Village may enjoy:

  • apartments right near the uni.
  • sharing with other students means you will be with others in a similar situation to you, giving you more support to succeed as well as meeting new friends in your own part of the Western Sydney University community.
  • all inclusive fees.

Looking for a place to rent

Popular real estate listing websites in Australia include Domain(opens in a new window) and in a new window). These sites are not run by Western Sydney University.

Before you start looking or agree on a property, take a moment to read our Know before you lease tips. International students should also be aware that they may be at risk of exploitation by landlords - find out more in this short video (opens in a new window).

Housing/ tenancy rights

The Tenants Advice and Advocacy Services(opens in a new window) can assist you to learn more about your rights and obligations when renting. Western Sydney University also provides the Student Legal Service who can assist you with tenancy issues.

Live with an Australian family

Live with a host Australian family in Sydney! Explore what is available througha range of homestay providers, such as the Homestay Network(opens in a new window).

Students studying with The College at Western Sydney University may have a homestay arranged on their behalf. Find out more at the The College Accommodation page.