Getting help

How we can help you

We will work with you to help you achieve your academic goals, by providing 'reasonable adjustments' where needed.

A 'reasonable adjustment' refers to specific provisions that are made by Western Sydney University in consultation with you during a formal assessment with a Disability Advisor. You will need to provide appropriate documentary evidence for us to provide you support.

Together we formulate an Academic Reasonable Adjustment Plan (ARAP), which will remain in place as long as you need it. Examples of adjustments include, but are not limited to:

  • Additional time in examinations
  • Material in alternative formats
  • Alternative assessments where appropriate
You also may be assisted by Educational Support Staff (ESS):
  • Academic Notetakers - take notes in lectures, tutorials and practicals
  • Practical Assistants - assist in necessary practical tasks in classes or on campus
  • Sign Language Interpreters - for students who are hearing impaired or deaf. They assist during classes and assessments

ESS Resources

Should I see the campus Disability Advisor?

Yes, if No, if
You have a condition, illness, injury or disability that impacts on your ability to perform your academic work, attend classes, complete assignments, exams and fieldwork placements You are a carer and need support for your caring tasks while you undertake study (contact the University's Counselling Service, Student Welfare Service or your Subject Coordinator)
You have been submitting many Disruption to Studies applications from being unwell over time You need support with your uncomplicated pregnancy while you undertake study (contact the University's Counselling Service)
You were given special provisions and support during high school or TAFE or another institution You need suitable furniture or equipment for your larger stature/left handed needs (Contact Western Sydney University's Office of Estate and Commercial (OEC) by emailing

You will need to provide appropriate documentary evidence for us to provide you with support, please complete the Impact of Disability and/or Health Condition on Study (opens in a new window)[ PDF, 209.27 KB]

If you are unsure, contact us by calling 1300 668 370 (option 5) or email and we will be happy to help.

Information on what happens in an appointment is available on the Seeing a Disability Advisor page.

Limits of our service

We can only provide 'reasonable adjustments' related to your study and generally within the Learning and Teaching context. Unfortunately, Western Sydney University is not able to provide individual assistive equipment or a personal carer.

Inherent Requirements

Each course of study has a set of Inherent Requirements. Inherent Requirements are the fundamental parts of a course or unit that must be met by all students. They are the abilities, knowledge and skills you need to complete the course. Each student is responsible for reviewing the inherent requirements of their course prior to enrolment. If you are concerned about meeting these, you should meet your Disability Advisor and Academic Program Advisor and establish if adjustments can be made to accommodate them.

Further information is available on the Inherent Requirements page.

Travel concession information

If you're studying part time or on an external basis due to your disability, you may still be eligible for a Concession Opal card through the University.

How do I get my Concession Opal card?

You will need to access the Travel Concession Request Form via the WesternNow Portal.

Full instructions are on the form, including links to the paper based form that you will need to take to your medical practitioner to support your application.

Once your form has been processed, you need to follow the step-by-step instructions on the How to apply for a Concession Opal card webpage

Contact us

Call 1300 668 370 (option 5)