Academic Reasonable Adjustment Plans

An Academic Reasonable Adjustment Plan (ARAP) is a document established with your Disability Advisor outlining the 'reasonable adjustments' or academic strategies that support you to complete your academic work while managing your symptoms. Your ARAP:
  • details a combination of reasonable adjustments around service provision, classes and exams will be prescribed based on the current evidence you provide as well as your report of symptoms
  • is a legal agreement between yourself and Western Sydney University developed by the Disability Service
  • is implemented by various departments including your School, the Assessment and Graduation Unit, and the Library

Maintaining your ARAP

Once you have an ARAP, it will continue to be issued throughout your enrolment at Western Sydney University. It will be issued before the start of each teaching session and will be cancelled if you provide a written request for cancellation. Your ARAP:

  • will be adjusted to reflect changes to your condition and the impact they have, when you notify your Disability Advisor and provide additional evidence of those changes
  • will be forwarded, along with any updates, to your student email account
  • will be forwarded to your Subject Coordinator, School Disability Coordinator, Placement Coordinator (if applicable), and the Examinations team on your behalf by your Disability Advisor
  • You will need to keep hard copies of your ARAP with you when attending classes and exams
  • If you no longer require certain adjustments on your ARAP, please send a written request to your Disability Advisor to have those adjustments removed, otherwise all relevant departments will implement your adjustments as per your ARAP

Implementing your ARAP

The adjustments contained within your ARAP are automatically implemented by your Subject Coordinator, School staff and Examinations.

  • If you find that your adjustments are not being implemented after consulting with relevant staff, you will need to contact your Disability Advisor urgently to address any potential disadvantage that may result.
  • It is also recommended that if you have changed your enrolment or program, or if it has been two years since you have made contact with a Disability Advisor, you will need to contact the Disability Service to make an appointment to review your ARAP adjustments

ARAP Resources