Complaints Management and Resolution

Complaints Resolution Unit staff are able to respond to emails and phone messages during normal business hours. In the event of an emergency, please call 000 or Campus Safety and Security on 1300 737 003.

The Complaints Resolution Unit is limited in the types of matters we are able to accept for review.
While you may be unhappy about something, please be aware there are some things that cannot be addressed through the complaints process.

Examples of things we are unable to accept include:

  • "I was late because the bus didn't arrive on time"
  • "I don't want to pay the SAF Fee"
  • "I don't agree with the cost of my subject"
  • "I am unhappy with my mark"

You are able to lodge a complaint for review where there has been a breach of policy or procedure or for matters involving adverse behaviours.

Before lodging a complaint, we ask you to read our FAQs which contain information on concerns that commonly arise for students and staff

If the FAQs don't address your concern, the most efficient way to contact us is by sending an email with your completed complaint form to .  We acknowledge receipt of emails the same or next business day.

Serious matters and those involving an imminent and potentially detrimental impact are prioritised over routine matters, which may be referred to another area of the University for response.

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Western values feedback on its core business, services, students and staff.  We recognise that on occasion, we will receive complaints.

The University is committed to complaint resolution that is:

  • Accessible – information about the process is published, advice on it is freely available and lodging a complaint is simple and flexible. There is also no cost to lodge a complaint.
  • Timely – complaints are managed efficiently and have regard to urgency. We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint the same or next working day after it is received and will begin our assessment within 10 working days.
  • Objective – complaints are considered and managed free of bias. If your complaint is not upheld, we will provide you with information on any further right to review including by external organisations such as the NSW Ombudsman.
  • Fair – procedural fairness is afforded to all.
  • Confidential – information is kept confidential, where and as appropriate.
  • Informative – complaint data is analysed and informs areas for improvement.

For more information on complaint resolution at Western, select the relevant button below or contact the Complaints Resolution Unit.