University Elections

The Office of Governance Services conducts staff and student elections for a range of University Boards and Committees.

For further information about University elections, please contact Fiona Smith (opens in a new window)

Notice of Ballot

CommitteePositionNotice of Ballot
Work Plan Committee
School of Law
Elected Staff Representative (one position)Notice of Ballot
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Work Plan Committee
School of Nursing and Midwifery
Elected Staff Representative (two positions)Notice of Ballot
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Previous Elections - Declarations of Results

Academic Senate - School of Social Sciences and Psychology (Level A, B or C)

Work Plan Committee - Institute for Culture and Society - Round Two

School Academic Committees - Round Three

Research and Higher Degrees Committee -  Higher Degrees Research Candidate - Round Three

Research Studies Committee - Higher Degrees Research Candidate - Round Two

Research Committee - Higher Degrees Research Candidate -Round Two

Research and Higher Degrees Committees - Higher Degrees Research Candidate-  Round Two

School Academic Committee

Education Committee - Postgraduate Student

Academic Planning and Courses Approvals Committee - Undergraduate and Postgraduate Student

Academic Senate - Higher Degrees Research Candidate

Research and Higher Degrees Committee

School Academic Committees

Education D or E, Academic Senate

Deputy Chair, Academic Senate

Chair, Academic Senate

Health and Safety Representative - School of Science and Health

Health and Safety Representative

Academic Senate -  School Representative (Round Two Elected)

Academic Senate  - School Representative (Round Two)

Board of Trustees - Academic Staff Member

Board of Trustees - Professional Staff Member

Academic Senate - School Representatives (Elected)

Academic Senate - Research Institutes

Academic Senate - School Representatives

Board of Trustees - Undergraduate Student Position

Work Plan Committee - Round 3 - Academic Staff

Work Plan Committees - Round 2 - Academic Staff

Work Plan Committees - Academic Staff

Student Elections

Student Elections

Academic Senate, Senate Standing Committees and School Committees and Student Misconduct Panels

Work Plan Committees

UniSuper Election

Expressions of Interest - Student Members

Academic Senate Committees and Advisory Groups

In May-June 2015 expressions of interest were sought to fill the vacancies for student members on standing committees of Academic Senate and advisory groups of Senate's Education Committee.

Appointment of Student Members to Senate Committees and Advisory Groups (PDF, 38.68 KB) (opens in a new window)

Student Representation

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