Elections Request


The Office of Governance Services (OGS) conducts Elections in accordance with the Western Sydney University (Governance) RuleAcademic Governance Policy and the Elections Policy.

The OGS will hold an Election to fill a casual vacancy or a vacancy that occurs or is due to occur when the current incumbent's term of office expires.

For non-elected positions on Committees, the OGS may be able to hold an Expression of Interest.


To fill a vacancy, other than a casual vacancy, please advise OGS no sooner than 4 months and no later than 1 month before the current incumbent’s term of office is due to expire. To fill a casual vacancy please notify OGS as soon as practicable before or after the casual vacancy occurs.


After a call for nominations, if more than one valid nomination is received the OGS will hold a ballot using BigPulse, third party preferential voting software.

Requesting an Election

Please e-mail returningofficer@westernsydney.edu.au if you wish for the Office of Governance Services to hold an Election for a vacant, or soon to be vacant position.