Graduation Ceremonies FAQ

I am attending my graduation and I wish to purchase the regalia hood and hire the gown/trencher. How do I do this?

COVID-19 UPDATE: Please note that regalia purchase is not currently available. Regalia is still available for hire for graduation ceremonies.  Further information will be available when you receive details relating to the event.

What if I need to change my name or it is spelt incorrectly?

If you require a change of name and want this change reflected on your graduation documents, please visit the Changing your personal details page. Please ensure that your name is updated prior to completion of your final units to ensure that it is correct on your graduation documents.

It is possible to change the name that appears on your testamur and AHEGS after your award has been conferred, however, this incurs a fee of $250.

Am I allowed to take photographs or videos of the ceremony?

Family and friends are more than welcome to take photographs and/or videos of the ceremony, however you must remain seated at all times. No tripods are allowed.

Professional photographs are taken at the ceremony of each graduand as they cross the stage and shake hands with the Chancellor. This photo is available for purchase after the ceremony. In addition, professional photographs with family and friends can be taken in the onsite studios before and after the ceremony.

How do I indicate that I require wheelchair access during my ceremony?

When you register to attend a graduation ceremony you have the opportunity to elect any special requirements you may need, such as:
  • Wheelchair access
  • Walking frame access
  • Assistance to cross the stage
  • Sign language interpreter
If the assistance you require is not listed, please contact by the advertised deadline.

What refreshment options are available during graduations?

The University has some food outlets available on campus for those attending graduations where you can grab coffee, drinks and some light meals. These are located close to the graduation venue and will be open before and after the ceremonies.

What graduation documents will I receive?

Your graduation documents will be mailed to you after your award has been conferred. They will not be presented during your graduation ceremony.  Your graduation documents include your testamur and AHEGS. For more information please see the AHEGS webpage.