Award Verification Service

The Western Sydney University Award Verification Service is a database containing basic information about past graduates. The database displays award titles, conferral dates and names.

A $55 processing fee will apply if the company/person requires additional information to what is listed on the AVS system (the student's conferral name, award and conferral date). An example of this may be requiring the Graduations Team to complete a form or verify details in an academic document are correct as per our student record system and the student record. This fee is payable via OneStop, please select Student Administration 'Award Verification Service (additional information required)'.

Click below to verify graduate details with the Award Verification Service.

If you are unable to find a graduate using this service please submit an enquiry to the Assessment and Graduation Unit.

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University of Western Sydney Academic Documents

The University of Western Sydney officially rebranded as Western Sydney University on 30 August 2015 and has registered the business name "Western Sydney University" as an interim measure until changes to the University of Western Sydney Act 1997 take effect to reflect the change of name.  All degrees and other awards validly conferred by and under the name of the University of Western Sydney continue to remain validly conferred and recognised as such.