My course

Plan your course

Each course has a set of specific requirements you need to meet in order to complete your course (degree) at Western Sydney University. We call this your Course Progress. Depending on which course you're studying, you will need to meet some or all of the following requirements:

  • A set number of credit points
  • A specific unit or units
  • A particular specialisation or specialisations
  • Special requirements
  • Professional accreditation

You need to understand your course requirements and actively follow your progress via the Check my Course Progress page in MySR, to ensure you have met all the requirements when it comes time to graduate.

Exams and results

Find out when your exams are on and how you'll access your results, as well as other things like applying for a review of grade.

Fees and costs

As a student, you may need to pay a number of fees throughout your studies, depending on your degree and your enrolment status. These fees may include student contribution and tuition fees. If you're eligible, you may also be able to obtain a HELP loan for payment of your student contribution or tuition fees.

Important dates

Find out when important dates happen for each session, including census dates, stuvac and exam periods and intra session breaks.

Online learning facilitators

A dedicated online learning facilitator will be assigned to each unit of study. They will provide overall learning support to students. Your online learning facilitators will ensure you have appropriate accesses, can navigate your way around the website and put you in touch with the people who can help with anything you need. They will be available throughout the week to liaise and interact with students, responding to enquiries in a timely fashion and supporting you in your educational journey.

You will receive direct contact details for your online learning facilitators at the beginning of the teaching session.


We have three graduation rounds in Australia each year, held in April, September and December. The April and September graduation rounds are open to all final year students. The December graduation round is by invitation only for a specific cohort of students. If you are in your final session of study you will need to apply to graduate within the relevant application period. All graduation applications are done online in MySR.

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