Specific services for international students

All of our Student Enquiry and Information Services (SEIS) Officer at Student Central can help you with most enquiries.

If there's something more specific, like student visas, overseas student health cover, enrolment and admission, lodging forms and referral to support services, they will  put you in touch with a SEIS International Liaison Officer.

To contact us, please refer to the main Student Central webpage.


To travel on NSW public transport, you will need an Opal card.

International students need to get an Adult Opal card, unless you are on an Australian Government Scholarship and therefore eligible for a travel concession (opens in new window)Opens in a new window.

How do I get an official letter from Western Sydney University?

If you need an official letter from the University, an administrative fee of $25 (payable via OneStop) will apply.

The types of letters include:

  • Expenses letter: An expenses letter is an outline of the estimated expenses an international student will incur annually including tuition fees, health cover, cost of living, accommodation, food, textbooks and incidentals
  • Graduation application confirmation: This letter is for international students that want to invite family members from overseas to attend their graduation ceremony, in order to be used to apply for a visitor's VISA to Australia at the Australian Embassy (in the student's home country) for the duration of the ceremony
  • Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (SACM) course progress report: This letter is for students enrolled in the SACM program who are required to provide evidence of their current progress in their program of study. This is a requirement of the Academic Affairs Department who monitor students under the SACM program for the Saudi sponsoring body
  • 75% course completion letter: This letter can be requested by students who wish to obtain a Level 4 Student VISA
  • Vacation work letter: This letter can be requested by international students wishing to find employment in Australia while under a Student VISA
  • Vacation travel letter: This letter can be requested by international students that wish to travel in the breaks between sessions

The letter will be emailed to your student email account.

Please note that it can take up to 3 working days for the request to be processed.

How can I find information about University term breaks and travel and work implications?

Information about term breaks is available on the University's Academic year dateline.

You should also consult the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website (opens in a new window) for information about travel and work implications during term breaks.

Can the University give me a letter to invite my family to visit me while studying here?

Unfortunately institutions like universities do not issue invitation letters. Invitation letters to support visitor visas can be provided by close relatives already in Australia.

You may request a 'currently enrolled' letter from the Enrolments team by sending an email (from your student email account) to enrolments@westernsydney.edu.au.

More information about visitor visas is available on the Department of Immigration's checklist (opens in a new window).