WayAhead Anxiety Support Group

Thank you for your interest in the WayAhead Anxiety Support Group.

Western Sydney University's Counselling Service in collaboration with community mental health program WayAhead has brought peer to peer Anxiety Support Groups (ASG) to Western.

Student volunteers are trained in facilitating this well-developed Anxiety Support Group model for other students with shared experiences.

One of our facilitators said, “The Anxiety Support Group facilitators are not trying to be psychologists, just to create a safe place to share and learn without judgment, to create together a new collective narrative.”

Hear from Western ASG Facilitator Brianna about her experience:

Meeting new people is really hard, even more so for people with anxiety.

For face to face (or Zoom) sessions, feel free to bring a friend - and no one is pressured to speak.

The goal is for ASG to be a safe place to practice being among others who feel the same or similar to you.

Whether you are a local student or international, whether English is your first language or third, we all can feel anxious.

Sometimes anxiety is a barrier to academic success, and group work and sharing in class can be huge hurdles for some.

The Anxiety Support Group can be a place where you hear how others overcame these challenges to reach their academic goals.

Interested students across all campuses can at any time participate in real time or virtual WayAhead facilitator training. Western ASG student volunteers meet regularly with Western Counselling Service and WayAhead staff for troubleshooting and they are also connected with other ASG facilitators across NSW.

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