Class Registration instructions

You must have activated your WesternAccount (opens in a new window) and enrolled with My Student Records (MySR) to use online Class Registration (Allocate+ (opens in a new window)).

What you need to do to register

1. Log in to online Class Registration

  • Make sure you have enrolled in your subject/s in MySR or you won't be able to access Class Registration (Allocate+)
  • Log into Class Registration (Allocate+) (opens in a new window) using your student email (e.g., and password.

2. Put in your preferences

  • You will see a list of the subjects you are enrolled in on the left hand side
  • Beneath each subject you will see the activity groups (i.e. lecture, practical, class) that you are required to attend. You must choose to attend one class time under each activity group
  • Click on an activity group to show the list of specific activities (class times) and submit your preferences
  • Enter your preferences - '1' for your first preferred timeslot, '2' for your second and so on until you have added the required number of preferences and submit
  • The more preferences you select, the greater the chance your timetable will be clash-free and work for you
  • Repeat this process for each subject you're enrolled
  • Note: if an activity group only lists one activity (class time), you do not need to enter a preference - you will be automatically allocated to that activity (class time)
  • Make sure you have saved a preference for all of your classes by ensuring each activity group on the left has either a green tick or an orange pending icon next to it. If there is a red unconfirmed icon, you have not yet saved your preferences for that activity group

The allocation process

The allocation process (how you are placed into your classes) in Class Registration (Allocate+) involves a three stage approach.

1. The preference sort:

You will have a period of time to submit your preferences. The opening and closing dates are available below and on the Class Registration FAQ webpage. You will also be sent an email advising you of these dates. After the closing date, you will be placed into your classes. You will then be able to log into Class Registration (Allocate+) (opens in a new window) to view your timetable.

2. Allocation adjustment:

Once placement has finished, additional places may still be available and Class Registration (Allocate+) will then open for a period of time when students will be able to make changes to their timetable if they wish. Step by step instructions on how to make changes to your timetable are available in the Class Registration (Allocate+) user guide for students [DOCX, 764.55 KB] (opens in a new window). Please note: When all remaining places of a class time have been filled, you will not be able to select that option.

3. Automatic Placement:

Before term begins, any student who has not yet engaged with the system (put in preferences or selected classes in the allocation adjustment period) will be automatically put into any remaining places available (this excludes College students). College students will only be automatically allocated if they have engaged with the system.

When the Class Registration (Allocate+) system switches to read only, you will still be able to log into Class Registration (Allocate+) and view your timetable; however, you will not be able to make any changes.

What if I haven't been allocated?

If you did not enter your preferences before the advertised deadline or you were not allocated a class, you will need to select your classes from the available places.

This process will be on a basis where the option to change into a class time will no longer be available when all remaining places have been filled. This must be completed at least one week before the relevant teaching term starts.

In the week before the start of each teaching term, all students who have not been allocated to a class will be added to any available places. This means if you don't enter your own preferences, you will not have any choice in your class times.