Fields of Study (Specialisation)

What is a field of study?

A field of study is a group of subjects that make up a major, minor, concentration in an undergraduate program or major within a postgraduate program.

  • A major is a defined sequence of at least 80 credit points of subjects
  • A minor is a defined sequence of at least 40 credit points of subjects
  • A concentration is minor or other sequence of subjects required to be completed within a major

For example if you are enrolled in the Bachelor of Health Science you must select a major in Health Promotion, Health Services Management or Therapeutic Recreation. You can also select a minor in addition to your major, but this must be in a different discipline area to your major.

To find out which majors, minors or concentrations form part of your program structure, look up your program in the Western Sydney University Handbook (opens in a new window) or go to the ’View My Degree Audit’ tile in MySR.

If a major, minor or concentration forms part of your program structure you can add it in MySR under 'Field of Study' before registering in your subjects. When you select a major, minor, concentration or postgraduate major in MySR you also have to register in the individual subjects which make up that major, minor, concentration or postgraduate major in the 'Register in Subjects' step in MySR for the relevant terms.

Do I have to select a Field of Study?

If a major, minor or concentration is required for your program structure, you will be asked to select it in MySR under 'Field of Study selection'. If your program does not require you to complete a major, minor, concentration or postgraduate major you can skip this step the registration process. If you are enrolled in an undergraduate (Bachelors) program you will be given the choice to add optional majors or minors depending on the number of elective subjects for your program.

Undergraduate programs

Can I do a major or minor different to my program area?

If you have 40 credit points or more of elective subjects available in your program, you can choose to group these electives into an optional fields of study (major or minor depending upon how many elective credit points are available in your program). This optional major or minor can be outside your program area.

In some programs you will have to choose a major, minor or concentration as part of your program structure as well as the choice to complete an optional major or minor. For example in a Bachelor of Arts you will need to select a major and minor, or a concentration and minor as part of your program structure, however you can also choose to group your elective subjects into additional optional majors or minors.

Differences between mandatory Field of Study and optional Field of Study
Mandatory majors, minors and concentrationsOptional majors and minors
Part of the program structure  Not part of the program structure
MandatoryNon mandatory
Related directly to your programDoes not have to relate to your program

Before you add an optional Field of Study

  1. Make sure you have enough electives left in your program to complete your chosen optional minor or concentration. For example, you can't choose a minor that requires the completion of eight elective subjects if you only have two elective subjects available in your program structure (unless you have already completed six of the eight subjects that make up that minor).
  2. If you are a Commonwealth Supported Student, check that you have enough credit points available. If you have obtained the minimum credit points required to complete your program and you have completed all program requirements (i.e. all of the mandatory subjects and Fields of Study) you will have to pay up front (non award) for any additional subjects you choose to complete to qualify for an additional optional major or minor. For example a 3 year bachelors degree requires the completion of a minimum of 240 credit points. If you have fulfilled the course requirements of that bachelors degree and you have completed 240 credit points, and you need to study two additional subjects (20 credit points) to qualify for an optional minor, you will need to pay for these subjects at non award rates, without commonwealth support.
  3. Contact your Director of Academic Program, Academic Course Advisor or the field of study owner for advice as to whether the field of study fits into your program. Find your Director of Academic Program, Academic Course Advisor or field of study owner in the Western Sydney University Handbook (opens in a new window) or or go to the ’View My Degree Audit’ tile in MySR