Census dates

Census date explained

Census date is the official deadline for finalising your registration and fees for each teaching term.

International Students: Effective from 1 January 2018, the due date for payment of fees by international students will be the commencement date of the relevant study term. The program commencement date is the date by which tuition fees for the study term must be paid; the Census date is the date when all your registration arrangements for the study term must be finalised.

Once this date has passed, you are committed to the subjects you're registered in. This means you will be charged tuition fees and receive a grade for all your registered subjects. If you drop any subjects after this date you will still need to pay tuition fees and will receive an absent fail grade.

If you don't provide your Tax File Number (TFN) or pay your fees by the census date, your enrolment will be cancelled.

What you need to do

By the census date for your teaching term, you need to:

  • make sure you're happy with your subjects and want to continue studying every subject you're enrolled in
  • have either provided your TFN (if you're eligible to defer your tuition fees) or
  • have paid your fees in full. Payments cannot be accepted after this date

Note: If you're eligible to defer your fees, you can also pay some or all of your fees upfront. Find out more on the Paying your fees webpage.

Census checklist - make sure you're ready!

To make sure you're ready for census date each term, complete all items on the checklist:

  1. Check your enrolment in MyStudentRecords (MySR) (opens in a new window) and decide on the final subjects you want to study for the term
  2. Make sure your mobile number is correct in MySR (so we can contact you in urgent situations)
  3. Make sure you have provided your TFN (if eligible) or have paid your fees

Note: If the census date for a teaching term falls on a weekend, you will need to provide any required documentation to Student Central before 5:00pm on the last business day before the census date. Check the table below to find the census date for your teaching term.

Continuing students only

If you're considering taking a Leave of Absence for the term, you need to submit your 'Discontinuation or break from studies' form to Student Central by the census date. Find out more on the Applying for leave and resigning from your course webpage.

Students changing citizenship status only

Go to Student Central with either your citizenship certificate (if you are permanent resident becoming an Australian citizen) or your passport and visa (if you are an international student becoming a permanent resident). You will also need to complete a new electronic Commonwealth Assistance Form (eCAF) before the census date.

Helpful links

  • Enrolment pages instructions on how to add and drop subjects and apply for a Leave of Absence
  • Fee pages information on eligibility to defer your tuition fees, how to make payments and electronic Statements of Account and eCAFs
  • Changing residency status page 'how to' information and where to send certified copies of required documentation if you can't get to a Student Central

List of census dates

The census dates for each teaching terms are listed in the tables below:

  • Standard terms
  • Quarters
  • College and International College terms
  • Summer terms
  • Block Teaching terms
  • Sydney City Campus terms

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Census dates for each teaching terms in 2022

Semesters - Standard Terms
YearTerms Census date
2022 Autumn  13 April
2022 1st Half (1H)  13 April
2022 Spring  31 August
2022 2nd Half (2H)  31 August
Quarters - includes Sydney City Campus
YearTerms Census date
2022 Quarter 1 (Q1)  2 February
2022 Quarter 2 (Q2)  27 April
2022 Quarter 3 (Q3)  20 July
2022 Quarter 4 (Q4)  12 October
Trimesters - College and International College Terms
YearTerms Census date
2022 Term 1 (T1)  13 April
2022 Term 2 (T2)  31 July
2022 Term 3 (T3)  30 November
Summer Terms
YearTerms Census date
2021/2022 Summer A 19 January 
2021/2022 Summer B 19 January
Block Teaching Terms
YearTerm Census date
2022 Block Teaching A 13 January
2022 Block Teaching B 10 March
2022 Block Teaching C 5 May
2022 Block Teaching D 30 June
2022 Block Teaching E 25 August
2022 Block Teaching F 20 October
Trimester - Sydney City Campus Terms
YearTerm Census date
2022 Session 1 13 April
2022 Session 2 31 July
2022 Session 3 30 November
Trimester - Western Sydney Online
YearTerm Census date
2022 Trimester 1 11 March
2022 Trimester 2 17 June
2022 Trimester 3 30 September
Research Quarters
YearTerm Census date
2022 Research Quarter 1 (RQ1) 18 February
2022 Research Quarter 2 (RQ2) 13 May
2022 Research Quarter 3 (RQ3) 5 August
2022 Research Quarter 4 (RQ4) 28 October

Census dates for each teaching terms in 2021

Standard terms
YearTerms Census date
2021 Autumn  31 March
2021 Spring  31 August
2021 1st Half (1H)  31 March
2021 2nd Half (2H)  31 August
2021 Research 1 (R1)  31 March
2021 Research 2 (R2)  31 August
Quarters and Sydney City Campus Quarters
YearTerms Census date
2021 Quarter 1 (Q1)  3 February
2021 Quarter 2 (Q2)  28 April
2021 Quarter 3 (Q3)  21 July
2021 Quarter 4 (Q4)  20 October
College and International College terms
YearTerms Census date
2021 Term 1 (T1)  31 March
2021 Term 2 (T2)  31 July
2021 Term 3 (T3)  30 November
YearTerms Census date
2020/2021 Summer A 20 January 
2021 Summer B 20 January
Block Teaching terms
YearTerms Census date
2021 Block Teaching A 14 January
2021 Block Teaching B 11 March
2021 Block Teaching C 6 May
2021 Block Teaching D 1 July
2021 Block Teaching E 26 August
2021 Block Teaching F 21 October
Sydney City Campus sessions
YearTerms Census date
2021 Session 1 31 March
2021 Session 2 31 July
2021 Session 3 30 November