Re-registration FAQs

Can I change my subjects after I have re-registered online?

You can change or add subjects online in MySR until the end of the second week of term. If you want to add subjects after this point you will need to complete and submit an Rule waiver form from Student Forms. You can drop subjects until the term census date - 31 March for Autumn Session or 31 August for Spring Session.

What if I decide to take a leave of absence after I've re-registered?

You can still apply for a leave of absence up until the census date for the teaching term in which you are planning to take leave. Complete the Discontinuation or break from studies form in WesternNow.

Should I re-register in subjects if I've applied for another program through UAC?

You should still re-register in subjects even if you're expecting to start a new program. If you don't receive an offer to your new program you will have the security of knowing that you are still registered in your current program.

If you do receive an offer to your new program and want to stop studying your current program, you can resign from the program in MySR by the session census date. This is particularly important as you will incur a HECS-HELP / FEE-HELP debt if you do not resign from your current program by the session census date.

Can I change how I pay my student contribution or tuition fees?

If you are eligible, you can change your payment options to allow you to defer your student contribution (if applicable) or tuition fees (fee-paying students) online using MySR up until the census date for the teaching term.

Can I register in a subject if I'm currently studying its prerequisite subject?

Yes, MySR assumes that you will pass the subject you are currently studying, so that's not a problem. If you pass the prerequisite subject then you will stay registered in the other subject. However, if you fail the prerequisite subject, the affected subject will be removed in MySR and you will have to change your registrations..