Register to graduate FAQ

Do I have to graduate from my course?

Every student who completes their course must have their award conferred. Conferral verifies that you have met the requirements for the award you have studied. Once you have been conferred you will be issued your testamur and Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS)..  You will be invited to attend a graduation ceremony after your award has been conferred. Your award will still be conferred regardless of whether you decide to attend a ceremony or not

How do I graduate?

We are moving to a new Student Management System on 6 October. The process for completing your course and having your award conferred will be different once we are live with this new system. More information will be available soon.

You will be invited to attend a graduation ceremony after your award is conferred

What does 'in absentia' mean?

In absentia is Latin for 'in the absence'. If you graduate 'in absentia' you will not attend your graduation ceremony in person, but will still be considered as graduated from the University.

What does 'confer' or 'conferral' mean?

Confer means to grant or bestow something upon a person e.g. a title, degree, benefit, or right. Once your award is conferred, you have officially completed and are eligible to receive your graduation documents.

How do I register to graduate if I finished my degree some time ago and I do not have access to MySR or my old student email?

If you completed your degree some time ago, never graduated, and now wish to, email  Please be aware you may have already been graduated in absentia if you were identified as having completed more than 6 months ago.

When do I find out the date of my graduation?

Once your award has been conferred, you will be invited to attend a graduation ceremony. Details of when ceremonies will be held and how to register your attendance will be communicated via email

Where will my graduation ceremony take place?

Graduation ceremonies are held in the Ian and Nancy Turbott Auditorium (Building EE), Parramatta campus, corner of Victoria Road and James Ruse Drive, Parramatta. For directions please visit the Parramatta campus page.

I am supposed to graduate in the current round of ceremonies, but now wish to graduate at a later date. How can I change this?

Email no later than the cut-off date advised on the graduation deadlines webpage for the relevant graduation round. If you have already paid to attend your ceremony you will not be required to pay again but you need to follow the same procedure above.

Important: You can only defer your graduation ceremony once. If you are unable to attend the future graduation ceremony you defer to, you will have to graduate in absentia from that ceremony. Deferrals are not reversible.

If I submit a review of grade for my Summer results can I still graduate in April?

If you decide to submit a review of grade for your final Summer results released (for example you are applying for your pass to reconsidered to a higher grade) you need to email the Graduation team at to advise them of your application and you will no longer be eligible to graduate in April.  The Graduation team will ensure your registration is not processed for April graduations to account for your grade being reviewed.  If you submit a review of grade and do not email the Graduation team at, your official graduation documentation will be printed with your original mark and your official graduation date will be shown as April. If your review of grade application is then successful, you will then need to pay for a new AHEGS to show your new mark.

My Summer results email says I have an incomplete grade or I failed a unit – can I still graduate in April?

Your April graduation registration will have already been assessed based on the results you receive on results release day. Any changes or updates to these grades after this date cannot be considered due to the tight time frame between the final Summer Session exams and the April graduation ceremonies. There can be no extension for any reason.

Please note, you will not be eligible to participate in the April graduation ceremonies if:

  • you apply for a deferred exam
  • you apply for a supplementary assessment
  • are enrolled in Quarter 4
  • have advanced standing or course transfer details still pending
  • you have failed a unit, (even if applying for a review of grade)
  • your grades have not been processed or you have incomplete grades (because practical reports have not been marked/completed or for any other reason).

In these circumstances, you will need to register for the September graduation ceremonies. Please check the graduation deadlines webpage for key graduation deadlines for April graduation ceremonies.

Can I change the ceremony I am attending to a different one in the same round of graduation ceremonies?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the ceremony you are attending in a particular graduation round.

What if I am unable to attend my graduation ceremony?

If you are unable to attend your ceremony, you will graduate 'in absentia'.

Can I graduate from my master and undergraduate degrees at the same time?

No, you must graduate from your undergraduate degree before you graduate from your masters. If you do not wish to attend both ceremonies, you can graduate in absentia from one degree and attend the ceremony for the other.

If I am graduating from a double degree with Bachelor of Laws, do I attend two ceremonies?

No, you will graduate in the School of Law ceremony. You will receive your graduation documents for both components of your double degree at the same time.

I am an International student and my parents need confirmation for visa purposes, how do I get a letter to send to them?

This letter (Graduation application confirmation) is produced by Student Central. You will need to order the letter via OneStop, and an administrative fee of $25 applies. The letter will be emailed to you. To select the letter; in OneStop under Category go to 'International Students', tick' International Student Letters' and under Letter Type, select 'Graduation application confirmation'.  If you have any enquiries regarding this letter please email

How do I keep access to my student email once I have applied to graduate and no longer a currently enrolled student?

Your email address will remain active for up to 90 days after graduating. If you are having trouble accessing your email account, you may need to reset your password ( Alternatively, contact the IT Service Desk ( or email and make sure you include your student ID number.

Please note, this will only give you access to your email account. You won't have access to Western Sydney University online systems (MyWestern, My Student Records (MySR) and vUWS).