Completion/Conferral FAQ

Do I have to be conferred from my program?

Every student who completes their program must have their award conferred. Conferral verifies that you have met the requirements for the program you have studied.

How do I complete my program?

Are Your Program Details Correct? Check your student record for completeness - you can check this through your MySR - there is no register to graduate, you just need to check your details and take necessary action if not complete, it is your responsibility to ensure your program details are correct or you may not be processed for completion/coferral:

  • in the first instance if you are a student studying a double or integrated program you will need to register your early exit from each component of your program as you near completion - this is an option under the graduation selection, if you do not submit your early exit you may not be identified for completion
  • Program details: Please check that the details listed, which will appear on your Testamur and Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS), are correct - this includes checking your grades are correct and all finalised, check you have all majors/minors correct on your record, if they are not listed they will not appear, if you have one that you are not eligible for, this will block you moving through to completion.  If unsure contact your academic to confirm they are correct prior to deadlines (or contact prior to  deadlines to move to a future conferral round) if you leave it and details are incorrect, it cannot be changed once deadlines have passed.
  • If there are any outstanding fees or program requirements (including pending grades, outstanding credit) by the advertised timelines your student record will not be completed for the upcoming conferral round.  It is your responsibility to ensure all details are correct on your student record.  Anything outstanding needs to be finalised by the advertised timelines.
  • If you apply for a Review/Change of Grade you will be uncompleted and moved to a future round.  You must apply through the official channel, if you do not an we are not aware of the change of grade your documents will reflect the old grade and is unable to be changed.
  • Please make sure  you have all your eligible Majors/Minors/Concentrations selected, this is your responsiblity to ensure they appear on your record, if you have any that you are not eligible for this will block you from moving to completion. Information must be correct, seek school advise if you are unsure.
  • Please check your statement of account and emails to ensure there are no outstanding program fees or library fees or administation holds (library fees will be via email only) or any other holds on your student record.  If your contact details, name are incorrect or showing an active hold, please email to enquire how to make changes, the graduation team is unable to make these changes

If your name is incorrect, you need to come on campus and advise the Student Services Hub (formerly Student Central) by showing your supporting documentation. Alternatively, you can Express Post the Change of Personal Details Form, including the certified copies of supporting documentation. These updates must be received and processed by advertised deadlines (when advertised) amendments after these date will incur a fee - so it is imporatant to update immediately. If you have questions relating to name changes please call the Student Services Hub on 1300 668 370 or email Note that the Graduation team are unable to make changes to your name.

Please also ensure your contact details (personal email and mobile number) are up to date in My Student Records (MySR) so you can be contacted with further information about your ceremony.  If you have any ceremony questions please call the Student Services Hub on 1300 668 370 or email Note that the Graduation team does not manage the ceremonies.

Student completions do not manage the ceremony, you will receive separate communication re a ceremony from the events team

What does 'in absentia' mean?

In absentia is Latin for 'in the absence'. If you graduate 'in absentia' you will not attend your graduation ceremony in person, but will still be considered as graduated from the University.

What does 'confer' or 'conferral' mean?

Confer means to grant or bestow something upon a person e.g. a title, degree, benefit, or right. Once your award is conferred, you have officially completed and are eligible to receive your graduation documents.

How do I have my award completed/conferred if I finished my degree some time ago and I do not have access to MySR or my old student email?

If you completed your degree some time ago and believe your award was never conferred please email  Please note you may have already been conferred in absentia if you were identified as having completed more than 6 months ago.

Can I be conferred from my master and undergraduate degrees at the same time?

You should be being conferred from your undergraduate degree before you are conferred from your masters. If you do not wish to attend both ceremonies, you can graduate in absentia from one degree and attend the ceremony for the other.

How do I keep access to my student email once I have applied to graduate and no longer a currently enrolled student?

Your email address will remain active for up to 90 days after graduating. If you are having trouble accessing your email account, you may need to reset your password ( Alternatively, contact the IT Service Desk ( or email and make sure you include your student ID number.

Please note, this will only give you access to your email account. You won't have access to Western Sydney University online systems (MyWestern, My Student Records (MySR) and vUWS).