Guidelines For The Use of Dedicated Spaces

It is the policy of the Western Sydney University to provide equal opportunity for all staff and students regardless of sex, pregnancy, race, marital status, sexuality, age, family responsibilities, disability, transgender, political conviction or religious belief.

These Multifaith facilities are founded on the spiritual places of the Darug People, the traditional caretakers of this region. They are available for all who hold to a faith tradition as well as those who do not. They offer a safe place to meet, pray, reflect, meditate or simply take some time for yourself.  There are multifaith libraries to browse, chaplains to chat with, groups to connect with and religious festivals to celebrate. Multifaith facilities are places where your inner life is respected and honoured.

Guidelines for the use of Women's Rooms

Guidelines for the use of Muslim Prayer Rooms

Guidelines for the use of Multi-faith Rooms

Guidelines for the use of Multi-faith Prayer Rooms