Transfer FAQs

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Can I use a Program variation application instead of applying through the Portal?

No, program variation applications are used to 'vary' your program. If you want to transfer to a new program entirely you need to complete an application form via UAC or Western's Direct Portal for the program you wish to study. The exception are those students who are graduating and have been directed by staff to fill out the Program variation application or those transferring from a combined degree into a single degree. If you are eligible to apply for the new program via UAC or Western's Direct Portal, we will not process your transfer request via a Program variation form.

Who is the Director of Academic Program for the program I want to transfer to?

To find out the Director of Academic Program and/or Academic Course Advisor for the program you wish to transfer into, look up that course in the Western Sydney University Handbook.

Application process

What is the advantage of applying to transfer through the University rather than through UAC?

If you apply for a transfer online through the University there is no application fee. You may even receive an offer before applicants who apply through UAC do. Your application is assessed in the same way as it would be if you applied through the UAC, so an online application to transfer is a much better option. Non-Western Sydney University students cannot apply through this transfer form.

What happens if I submit more than one application?

We will only assess your most recent application. Submitting a new transfer application will cancel all applications that you have submitted previously this session. If you have already submitted an application and wish to add or change your preferences, just submit a new application with all of your preferences in the correct order and this will replace your previous application.

If we have already made you an offer to transfer to another program this session, and you submit a new transfer application, your previous offer will be withdrawn.

I have failed a subject, will this affect my chances of transferring?

If you have failed a subject it won't necessarily affect your application as your whole academic history is taken into account. Work on getting your GPA as high as possible, as this may be taken into account when your application is assessed.

Will the subjects I'm studying this term be taken into account?

It depends; if we are able to make a decision based on your prior study, we will not need to wait for the results from your current term before making an offer. If not we will put your application 'on hold' until the results for your current term results are released.

How long will it take before I know the outcome of my application?

It depends on your circumstances and how many applications we receive. We start assessing applications as soon as the transfer portal is open and will start advising students of the outcome of their applications within a few weeks.

Please note, a lot of factors can impact how quickly your application is assessed (including if we have to wait on your current term results to be released), so some applications can take several weeks to process.

How will I find out if my application has been successful?

We will send an email to your MyMail (student email) account letting you know the outcome of your application.

What if I change my mind about transferring?

Email and let us know that you want to withdraw your application.

My current program

Should I keep studying in my current program?

Yes, you should continue to study your current subjects. Once the census date for the teaching term has passed, you are liable for fees for your subjects and will receive a grade for any subjecs you are registerd in.

My application is 'on hold'

Why are you waiting for my current term results?

If we are waiting on your current term results it means you don't currently meet the minimum requirements for entry into your new program. However, your current term results may improve your GPA and mean you may then be eligible for an offer. We will let you know the outcome of your 'on hold' application as soon as possible.

How long do I have to wait after results are released to find out if my 'on hold' application is successful?

It may be a few days before you receive notification of the outcome of your application as we usually have a large number of applications to re-assess. We understand the urgency of re-enrolling after results release so we will let you know as soon as possible.

After receiving an offer

Why can't I register in subjects in my new program?

You can only enrol in your new program after you receive your confirmation email. Once you have received your confirmation email, complete the enrolment steps for your new program in MySR and you will be able to register in subjects.

Can I defer my offer?

No, you can't defer your offer unless you have been excluded from study at Western Sydney University after you received your transfer offer. In this situation, you won't be charged a fee to defer your offer.

Can I take a Leave of Absence instead of enrolling in my new program straight away?

Yes you can. You will need to submit a Discontinuation or Break from studies application form this form should be used to apply for a Leave of Absence (take a break), discontinue (drop out of) subjects after census or, for International students only, resign from your course. Since July 2017 domestic students can request to discontinue their course through MySR (opens in a new window) under Course Records. For more information, visit Applying for leave and resigning from your program (opens in a new window).