Register to graduate

Graduation news

  • September 2018 registrations are now closed.
  • Registrations are now open for the April 2019 graduation ceremonies. Check your course progress and register to graduate in April via My Student Records (MySR).

How to register to graduate

If you have outstanding course completion requirements, you still need to continue on to register to graduate prior to the advertised closing date - refer to graduation deadlines.

You will however need to make sure all requirements are finalised and appear in MySR by the relevant deadline. Your eligibility to graduate is dependent on you meeting all course requirements by the advertised deadlines. For more information go to the How to: Check your course progress page.

Please use a desktop or laptop to register (no other electronic devices).  Please remember to check for your confirmation email (MyGraduation Receipt) and contact us prior to the closing date if not received.

1. In My Student Records (MySR), go to the 'Graduate' section and select 'My Graduation Application', then the red 'Register' button.

2. Select the course you wish to graduate from. 

  • At this point you may be directed through to the Check your course progress pages. Here you can
    • Check you have completed all course requirements
    • Check the correct specialisations (key program, major and/or sub-major) are listed. You can check the specialisation requirements for your course in the Handbook. Your Director of Academic Program can clarify any details. If a specialisation you have completed is not listed, update this information in the specialisations selection page in MySR

3. Complete to graduation registration form

  • Check your formal name details for your graduation documentation.
  • Check your course name is correct and your specialisations are listed.
  • Finish your registration by clicking register.
    • You will receive an automatic MyGraduation email receipt to your student email account. If you do not receive this email within 2 hours please contact graduations at immediately (and within the application opening period)

You will need to register before the advertised registration closing date, no late registrations are considered. Please do not wait until you've completed your course, finished all exams and assessments or have your results or you may miss out on a round you were eligible for and have to wait for a future round.

4. Complete your registration by making your RSVP graduation payment

Registration points to note:

  • After you register to graduate your eligibility to graduate will be assessed. You will find out if you are eligible to graduate as per the graduation deadlines. Please do not make plans to graduate (including booking flights for family) until after you receive your eligibility email.
  • If you have a financial encumbrance, all outstanding fees, debts and fines (including library fees) must be paid by 5pm on the relevant deadline or you will not be able to graduate. Also check that your mobile number is correct as we may need to contact you about your graduation.
  • We will send all communication to your  student email so check this regularly so you don't miss important graduation information and make sure you comply with the Advertised graduation deadlines
  • If you can't access the online graduation form contact before the registration closing date (this is not an acceptable reason for late consideration)

How do I know if I have registered correctly?

If you have registered correctly you will receive an email receipt immediately after registering (titled - MyGraduation Receipt) and if you log back into MySR and go to MyGraduation, the 'Register' button should have changed to an 'Update' button. If you have not received a confirmation email or believe there has been an error, it is your responsibility to email immediately and prior to the closing date, to ensure this can be fixed for you and your registration is received in time.

I missed the registration date, can i still apply?

You will need to apply for the next ceremony round available to you through your MyGraduation page in MySR.

Can I leave my course early?

Some courses allow for what is referred to as an early exit. An early exit is an official exit point from a course and is often in the form of a lower qualification e.g. graduate diploma or graduate certificate.

If you have completed a significant proportion of your course and you want to finish your studies early, you may be eligible to register for an early exit. Not all courses offer an early exit point, to find out if your course does look up your course information in the Handbook.

If you take an early exit and at a later date wish to return to complete your original course, you must re-apply for admission (through UAC). You will then have to adhere to the most current course rules (including advanced standing). Please refer to your course in the Handbook to review your course's early exit conditions.

Double degree students

If you are enrolled in a double degree and wish to graduate from the first component of the degree, you are not considered as taking an early exit.

You can graduate with both degrees at the same time, receive two certificates (testamurs) and cross the stage once with both award titles read out. For this to happen you must complete a single registration to graduate for the double degree in MySR.

If you want to have the first component of your degree conferred before the other, you will need to register twice. Refer to your course in the Handbook to review your course's early exit conditions.

Bachelor and standalone honours degrees

You can register to graduate from both your bachelor and honours degrees. You don't need to wait until you have completed your honours degree to graduate from your bachelors. Generally, graduands prefer to attend their honours ceremony and have their bachelor's degree awarded in absentia.

When can I register to graduate?

Graduation registrations for each ceremony round are open at different times throughout the year.

All undergraduate and postgraduate students (excluding Higher Degree Research students) must register to graduate. You can register anytime during your final session of study (as long as registrations are open) as defined by the relevant rules of the course in which you are enrolled in. Please do not wait until you've completed your course, finished all exams and assessments or have your results or you may miss out on a round you were eligible for and have to wait for a future round.

Failure to lodge a graduation registration or failure to pay any fees/charges owing will result in the student not graduating at the next available round of graduation ceremonies.

Attend or graduate in absentia

There are two graduation options:
  • Graduate in attendance
    Once you have been assessed and approved to graduate, your course will be allocated a ceremony. Graduation ceremonies are held at Parramatta campus. You will need to attend your allocated ceremony and wear the regalia provided by the University associated with your award. During the ceremony you will be conferred by the Chancellor, or his representative, and cross the stage in front of your family and friends to be presented with your documents
  • Graduate in absentia
    'In absentia' is Latin for 'in the absence'. If you choose to graduate in absentia, your award will be conferred in your absence and your documents will be sent to you after the graduation ceremonies have concluded and payment has been received.

Factors which may affect your eligibility to graduate

To ensure there are no delays that may prevent you from graduating in your preferred graduation round, please check the items below;

  • Sitting a deferred
  • Sitting a supplementary exam
  • being required to submit an additional assessment
  • Submitted documentation for a review of grade (If you are applying for a Review of Grade, you must email immediately to move your registration to a future round. If you do not take this action and are deemed eligible to graduate, the result on your student record will be the result produced on your documentation and a charge will be incurred to have replacement documentation produced and original documentation returned)
  • Submitted documentation for special consideration
  • Misconduct hearings or any activity that results in a delay to your final results
  • your post census miscellaneous unit is not finalised and transferred by the advertised timelines
  • your results are not finalised by the advertised timeline
  • you are currently enrolled
  • you have outstanding grades
  • Professional placement processing is not completed (please allow up to 2 weeks for processing)
  • you have advanced standing or course transfer details still pending
  • Cross Institutional details are not finalised
  • Financial debts to the University (library fines, study fees – this )
  • you have not met course requirements

Please note that deferred, supplementary or resit of exams and assessments, review of grade applications and other factors can delay your results and may mean your final results are not ready in time to be assessed for a graduation round.

In these incidences your graduation registration will be considered for the next round of graduation ceremonies. You will not need to re-register.

Changing details on your registration

You can change your graduation preferences while the registration period is open by clicking 'Update' or 'Modify' on the graduation registration form in MySR.

Please note: After registrations have closed, the status will be updated to "In Progress" and you will have limited access to the online form. The status will remain as "In Progress" until ceremony details are sent. If you wish to make changes, please email

Cancelling your registration

If you have registered to graduate and wish to withdraw from the upcoming graduation round, you must email with your name, student ID number, your graduation ceremony details (if you've received them) and your reason for withdrawing (withdrawals are only valid in writing).

You will need to withdraw in writing before the advertised deferral date listed on the graduation deadlines webpage. If your request for withdrawal is not received by the cut-off date, you will be graduated in absentia in the current round of ceremonies. Your 'graduated' status cannot be reversed as official documentation and auditable publications are printed.

Withdrawals are not reversible. Once you withdraw you will need to register for the next graduation round. To find out when registrations open for the next graduation round, keep checking the graduation webpage

Deferring your registration

If you have registered to graduate and want to defer your graduation you will need to email with your name, student ID number and your reason for deferring. Deferrals are only accepted in writing and prior to the advertised deadline.

Deferment is only for extenuating circumstances, you must provide a valid reason for deferring.

You will need to defer before the date listed on the graduation deadlines webpage. If your request for deferral is not received by the cut-off date, you will be graduated in absentia in the current round of ceremonies. Your 'graduated' status cannot be reversed as official documentation and auditable publications are printed.

If you have successfully deferred your graduation, you do not need to pay any fees for the current graduation period. Information will be sent to you in due course about the next round of ceremonies.

You can only defer your graduation ceremony once. If any circumstances arise that mean you are unable to attend your deferred graduation ceremony, you will have to graduate in absentia. Deferrals are not reversible.

Higher Degree Research students (Doctorates and Masters Honours excluding Master of Teaching (Honours))

You are not required to register online to graduate in MySR as this will be completed by the Graduate Research School. Contact for enquiries.

Master of Teaching (Honours) students

You are required to register through MySR during the registration period. If you are unsure if this is relevant to you then contact the Graduation team.

Western Sydney University, The College students

The College Diploma Students must register in MySR to graduate. If you are a Foundations Studies student, you are not required to register in MySR for graduation. For enquiries regarding Foundation Studies graduation ceremonies, please contact

Processing your registration

We will send an email to your student email account, advising you of the outcome of your registration to graduate. The graduations deadlines page has more information on when you can expect to receive your outcome email.

How is my registration assessed and how long will it take?

Your registration is assessed for administrative and academic requirements. If course rules are not met, your School will need to sign off on your registration. They will check to make sure you meet all course requirements set out in the Academic Handbook and will approve the registration if you are eligible to graduate.

Specialisations will only be assessed if you have entered them into MySR. Please refer to the Update your details webpage for more information on how to add applicable Specialisations. For Education students, appropriate curriculum area will be added to your record by the School after you have submitted your application to Graduate (if applicable).

The checking and processing of each of the large number of registrations received each graduation round, takes time. We will send your outcome email as soon as possible, please refer to the graduations deadlines for approximate dates.

If delays occur, we will update the graduations deadlines page. Check your student email account and the graduation webpages frequently for updates.

Registration outcomes

You will receive an email to your student email account with the outcome of your registration to graduate

Successful registrations

If your registration to graduate is successful, you will be emailed with the following details (that will appear on your graduation documentation).

  • Your testamur details
  • Name – this is the name on your student record
  • Award title – the name of the course you have registered to graduate from (which has been approved by your School)
  • Academic achievement level – the level you have achieved for your course. Please note, this will only be listed if you have achieved an overall GPA of 6.00 or above or are graduating from an honours course
    • 'With Distinction' – to graduate with distinction you need to achieve an overall GPA of 6.00 or above (not available for Graduate Certificates)
    • Bachelor of Honours degree will appear as one of the following:
       Honours Class I
       Honours Class II Division I
       Honours Class II Division II
       Honours Class III

Your AHEGS details

  • Key program – the key program you have selected in MySR and that has been assessed and approved by your School. Please note not all courses are eligible for a key program. Please refer to the handbook for more information
  • Major – the major/s you have selected in MySR and that have been assessed and approved by your School
  • Sub-major – the sub-major/s you have selected in MySR and have been assessed and approved by your School. Please note not all courses include sub-majors. Please refer to the handbook for more information

If any information is incorrect, you will need to contact the Graduation team by the graduation deadlines to have it corrected or charges will apply.

Unsuccessful registrations

If your registration is unsuccessful, you will be emailed the reason your registration was unsuccessful and information about the next round of graduations.

Ceremony date and time

For main round ceremonies (April and September) your ceremony details will be sent to your student email account approximately four to five weeks before the graduation round commences. The email will outline the following:
  • Confirmation of the course you are graduating from, as per your registration to graduate
  • Date and time of your ceremony
  • What time to arrive for registration and regalia fitting on the day
  • How to pay your graduation fee
  • Details about the location at Parramatta campus (Sir Ian and Nancy Turbott Auditorium - Building EE)

For December - ceremony confirmation of your eligibility and your ceremony details will not be available until 1 week before the ceremonies take place. If you require more notice, please register for another graduation round.

Unfortunately details are not available before the emails are sent out. If you require this information earlier you might need consider graduating in absentia or deferring to a future round. To assist you and your family with dates, the ceremony date range is available on the Graduation day webpage.