Graduation Deadlines

This page contains information about activities and deadline (dates) pertaining to forthcoming graduation rounds.

Visit Register to graduate (opens in a new window) in the first instance, for guidance on how to register

If you are in your final session of study, it’s time to register for graduation!
Applications to register for graduation close before results are released, so do not wait until you've completed your course to register, as this will delay your (earliest) possible graduation. Please register early and do not wait until your student record is complete, register in your last session of study (the registration will not stop you from registering regardless if you are complete or not).  If capacity is reached for any round, we will close registrations early with no exceptions for inclusion.

Use a laptop or desktop to register (not a mobile device)

Immediately after registering, check you have received your MyGraduation Receipt to your student email account. Don’t forget to check your junk/clutter/spam folders in case the email has not landed in your inbox. 

No MyGraduation Receipt email = No Registration!

If you register through MySR and do not receive a ‘MyGraduation’ receipt to your student email immediately, then your registration attempt has not been successful. Try to register again, and/or contact us without delay via email (from your student account), to

If you are not sure if you should register now, or have any questions about the registration process, contact us via email (from your student account) to, or call 02 4736 0022.

Please refer to the activities and deadlines below that apply to the graduation round you have registered for

All graduation round(s) dates and activities are published here. Bookmark this page so you can check it regularly for any changes or updates.

December 2021

Below is a list of important dates for December graduation
Make sure each task is finalised by the relevant deadline as there are no extensions to the deadlines for any reason.
To allow for processing time, deadlines to submit your request(s) and supporting documentation have been provided where applicable.

Unless otherwise stated, all deadlines are by Close of Business (5pm) on the date(s) stated.


Deadline by which details are to be FINALISED (and appearing in your MySR)

Registrations to graduate open in My Student Records(opens in a new window) 


Registrations to graduate close in My Student Records (opens in a new window) (Due to the tight turn around for December graduations there will be no requests for Late registrations)


Your student record will be assessed as of (Date to be advised)

NOTE: Schools will upload results (Date to be advised). Assessment will be as per results uploaded.  This information will reflect in your results release email - to be sent (Date to be advised) – exceptions or extensions are not possible.



Last day to resolve any enrolment anomalies for units studied outside of current session


Last day to resolve Unit/Course Transfers and Course Variations (opens in a new window) of any type


Advanced Standing(opens in a new window) and Cross Institutional Studies -

If cross institutional studies completed outside of current session you must have submitted your advanced standing with all documentation via eForms


All outstanding fees, debts and fines must be finalised (allowing processing time) - refer to your emails, your MySR account or call Student Central on 1300 668 370 to check these details


Name changes (opens in a new window) must be finalised and appearing in your MySR under “Title” “Surname” “Given Names” (note that your ‘Preferred’ Given Name is not your official name)

Charges will be incurred if not finalised by the deadline


Last day to advise Testamur/AHEGS details errors (must be received in writing via email

please ensure you check your specialisations (Key Programs/Majors/Sub Majors)

Charges will be incurred if changes are not finalised by the deadline (changes will not be updated in time for ceremony or production of the graduation book)

Details will be as per your eligibility email unless you have emailed us prior to the deadline


Eligibility/Ceremony details will be sent to student email accounts only. Ceremony details will be sent to attending and in absentia graduand, as this provides the opportunity to change your attendance mode/defer prior to advertised timelines.

IMPORTANT: please ensure you check your student email (including junk/spam/clutter box). If you do not receive an email, contact immediately

No changes to your allocated ceremony are permitted


Deferring your registration (opens in a new window) last day to defer your graduation  Deferrals are only actioned in written form from your student email account and received prior to the closing date.

You are only able to defer once, students who defer by the deadline will have their graduation registration and (if paid) RSVP payment transferred to the next round

If you do not defer or make any RSVP payment by the deadline, you will be graduated ‘In Absentia’ at your ceremony and will not be able to attend any future ceremony round


RSVP payment to either ‘attend’, or graduate ‘in absentia’

ATTEND graduation   NOTE: If your RSVP payment to attend graduation is not received by the deadline, the cost increases to $200 (attend, including hire regalia option). This includes an $80 (non-refundable) late payment fee.  Late payment fee is enforced from (Date to be advised)

Late fee is for attendance mode only

Graduate ‘IN ABSENTIA’   NOTE: Students who pay to graduate ‘In Absentia’ will have their graduation documents posted in the weeks following the conclusion of the graduation round.  Please allow 2-3 weeks to receive in absentia documents. There is no late fee for In Absentia mode.

If you have not made an RSVP payment, your documents will be transferred to University Archives and stored until we receive an ‘In Absentia’ payment from you


December 2021 graduation ceremonies commence


December 2021 graduation ceremonies conclude 
(depending on number of graduands)


Reasons for being declined for graduation

Any activity that results in a delay to your final results (leads to an automatic decline for graduation). Such activities include (but are not limited to)

  • Sitting a deferred exam
  • Sitting a supplementary exam
  • Submitting an additional assessment
  • Submitting documentation for special consideration
  • Misconduct hearings (regardless of final outcome)
  • Your results are not finalised by the advertised timelines
  • You are currently enrolled
  • You have outstanding grades
  • Professional placement / Industrial Experience processing/ Industry Based Learning / grades are not complete
  • You have advanced standing or course transfer details still pending
  • Cross Institutional details are not finalised
  • Your post census miscellaneous unit is not finalised and transferred by the advertised timelines
  • You were given an extension to submit work and results not finalised by advertised timelines
  • You have not met course requirements by the advertised timelines
  • Cross Institutional study results are post our advertised timelines, unfortunately we are unable to extend our timelines
  • Delays in processing marks
  • Change of Grade no processed by advertised timeline
  • Course variation not finalised on student record
  • Enrolment issues not finalised

Other reasons

  • Submitted documentation for a review of grade (If you are applying for a Review of Grade and have a pass mark making you eligible to graduate, you must email immediately to move your registration to a future round. If you do not take this action and are deemed eligible to graduate, the result on your student record will be the result produced on your documentation and a charge will be incurred to have replacement documentation produced – if it is able to be changed)
  • Outstanding financial debts to the University (library fines, study fees, encumbrance of any type)
  • Misconduct outcome not finalised by advertised timelines
  • Anything outstanding on your student record as of results upload and advertised timelines regardless of the delay or reason, we are unable to extend timelines.

Additional Information for December Graduation Rounds

December timelines are extremely tight, and as detailed above, many deadlines occur prior to release of results. As such, graduating in December may not be suitable for all students.

Who can graduate in December? December round is only open to select cohorts. For a list of participating courses for December (only available October each year)

My course is listed for December. How do I register? If your course is included in December round, from October you should be able to register/update your graduation registration within your MySR

If you cannot see the option for December in your MySR and your course is listed as a participating course, contact immediately, so that we can investigate and advise

By completing your registration for December, you are confirming that you are aware of, and accept, the below unique conditions for December round

If these conditions are not acceptable to you, do not apply for December graduation (or update/defer your registration to April of the following year)

  • Confirmation of your eligibility to graduate (and if eligible ceremony details) will be available only 1 week prior to graduation

    NOTE: If you are intending on inviting family and friends to your graduation this short time frame could be expensive to book flights and accommodation with such short notice, and also prove problematic to arrange visas for guests visiting from overseas
  • You will be required to make your RSVP payment before being advised of eligibility to graduate or if eligible, ceremony details

    NOTE: if for any reason you are not eligible to graduate, any RSVP payment you have made will be transferred to April of the following year, unless you request a refund
  • Double degree with Bachelor of Laws – you will only be assessed if you have already graduated from the first component of your double degree, OR, you are eligible to graduate from both components.

    For example, if you are graduating from Bachelor of Business and Commerce/Bachelor of Laws, then you will need to have graduated from the Business component previously, to enable you to graduate from your Law component in the December round. Alternatively you have completed both components and will graduate from both awards in the December round.

    Only Law double degrees are considered for December and with the above conditions. No other Bachelor double degree awards are included in December
  • Honours students studying in Spring Session are not able to be included as there is not enough time from results release to actual ceremonies to have these finalised / appealed

My course is not listed for December. What does this mean? If your course is not listed as participating in December graduation, this means that the earliest round you can be considered for graduation is April of the following year

  • Be sure to register for April graduation before registrations close (see April Graduation Ceremonies, above)

Need further advice about December graduation, or about graduation in general?

If you are student (or staff member) and have any questions about graduation or would like clarification on any of the information provided on our web pages, please contact us via By contacting Graduations directly this will ensure that you receive the most up to date information about graduation.

Please also note that sometimes it is necessary to update or alter graduation details or deadlines. Should this occur, our Graduations team will update the relevant web page(s), and where appropriate, advise students of the changes by email (to their student email account).

We recommend that you bookmark this page, and visit it (and your student email account) regularly, to ensure you do not miss any critical information or deadlines.