Student Insurances

The University's insurances indemnify enrolled students engaged in approved course related activities such as work experience, field and clinical placements, practicums and internships. This type of work experience will normally be approved by the appropriate School or by an Advisor from Careers (opens in a new window).

Please note that insurance protection does not apply where a student receives remuneration from the host/work experience provider.

In all cases, benefits and cover provided by insurance policies will be subject to terms and conditions of the relevant policies.

Any enquiries and claims relating to student insurances should be referred to the Senior Operations Accountant in the Office of Finance.

Students requiring confirmation of insurance cover

Often students are required to provide evidence of insurance cover. Letters of indemnity have been drafted for this purpose (both Individual and Group).

Student Insurance Confirmation Letter - Individual

Student Insurance Confirmation Letter - Group

Students should contact the Senior Operations Accountant if a confirmation of insurance is required and the work experience, practicum etc. is a mandatory component of the course or unit.

Students wanting to undertake 'voluntary' work experience should contact Careers (opens in a new window).

Student Personal Accident and Injury Insurance

The policy has two limbs and provides cover to students engaged in campus and University related activities:

  1. Non-Medicare medical expenses (*) for injuries incurred whilst engaged in course/campus related activities.
  2. Cover for permanent or temporary disability or death resulting from an injury. The policy provides an income stream for incapacitated income earners and capital sums for disabilities.

* Non-Medicare medical expenses are expenses incurred within 12 months of an injury for medical treatment that are not subject to a full or partial rebate from Medicare and/or are not recoverable from a private health fund. Treatment must be certified as necessary by a legally qualified practitioner, physiotherapist or similar provider of medical services including the cost of medical supplies (excluding dental treatment, unless treatment is required to natural teeth as a result of an injury).

Note that non-Medicare medical expenses do not include any or part of any expense for which Medicare is payable including Medicare-gap. This restriction is imposed by legislation.

Policy excesses will be deducted from claims settlements. The most common claims relate to non-Medicare medical expenses.

Public and Products Liability

The University's Public and Products Liability (opens in a new window) policy protects the University and students undertaking approved course related activities in the event that a student, in the course of undertaking such approved activities, becomes legally liable for injury to a person, or damage to third party property caused by their negligent act (other than claims arising from the students use of or damage to a motor vehicle).

Professional Liability

The University's Professional Liability (opens in a new window) policy relates to claims alleging a breach of professional duty.

Medical Malpractice

The University's Medical Malpractice (opens in a new window) policy provides cover in respect of medical related activities (e.g. nursing, etc.) which due to the specialised nature are excluded from the general liability policies.

Clinical Trials

This policy covers claims arising from a medical research subject or health volunteer study.

For the purpose of insurance protection, a clinical trial is defined as:

1. A study or any form of research involving humans:

  • To find out whether an intervention, such as treatments or diagnostic procedures, which is believed may improve a person's health actually does so; or
  • To test a drug, a surgical or other therapeutic or preventative procedure or a therapeutic, preventative or diagnostic device or service;


2. Research involving humans requiring any invasive procedure to be undertaken by a registered medical practitioner or other registered qualified health service provider.

Travel Insurance (Overseas Travel)

The University's international travel insurance covers enrolled students undertaking approved University travel. This may include travel for the purposes of placement, work experience, practicum, research, conference, study exchanges and tours.

Details of the University's travel insurance can be found on the Staff and Student Overseas Travel Insurance (opens in a new window) page.

All enquiries should be referred to the Senior Operations Accountant.


All claims enquiries should be referred to the Senior Operations Accountant on 02 4570 1217 or

Students should not delay lodging claims as this might jeopardise any settlement to which they may be entitled.

Benefits provided by the policy will have an excess deducted from any settlements to which the student may receive. As students are the insured persons of this policy, it is the student who bears the excess.

Potential liability claims against the University or student must be reported to the School and the Senior Operations Accountant. Potential claims will arise where it has been alleged that a student has been negligent resulting in injury, loss or damage. Failure to report potential claims may result in the actual claim being rejected by the University's insurer.

NOTE: Where appropriate a Work Health and Safety incident report should also be completed in conjunction with the student's School or Institute.