Property Insurance


This cover excludes medical malpractice and clinical trials. Separate cover has been arranged for these activities. All enquiries should be directed to the Senior Operations Accountant.

The University maintains property cover in excess of $50,000 for any one claim or series of claims arising out of one event.

The policy provides cover for material loss of assets being real property, including buildings, plant, machinery, stock and merchandise. It also provides cover for loss of revenue, increased cost of working, loss of rental income and additional expenses resulting from interruption or interference to the business during the protection period.


The policy is subject to a deductible of $50,000 for each and every claim.

Major Exclusions

The policy does not provide cover for:

  • Money whilst being carried by professional carriers of any kind.
  • Vehicles or trailers registered or licensed to travel on a public road.
  • Any locomotive or motorised watercraft exceeding 10 metres in length.
  • Property undergoing construction, erection, alteration or addition including the partial dismantlement of existing structures where all contracts collectively in relation to the same project do not exceed $2,000,000 in value.
  • Empty premises undergoing demolition.


All claims and potential claims should be reported immediately to the Senior Operations Accountant on 02 4570 1217 or