Staff and Student Overseas Travel Insurance

The University's corporate travel insurance policy covers overseas travel only. The University’s travel insurance provider is Chubb Insurance Australia Limited (Chubb).

Who is covered under the policy

The policy provides cover for the following categories regardless of the source of funding provided appropriate University approval has been given:

  1. Employees travelling overseas on approved University related travel. This includes, but not limited to, research, conferences, collaborations and meetings;
  2. Employees travelling overseas on ADP leave;
  3. New employees travelling to Australia to take up employment;
  4. Guest speakers or guest travellers on approved University related travel;
  5. Visiting University job applicants;
  6. Members of the governing body travelling for the purpose of University business;
  7. Students undertaking approved University travel. This may include travel for the purposes of placement, work experience, practicum, research, conferences, study exchanges and tours.

In order for cover to apply, there should be a valid travel approval in place.

Travel Restrictions

All University travellers are encouraged to refer to the Department of Foreign Affairs website ( (opens in a new window) to obtain the very latest information regarding countries for where there is a perceived risk if you undertake travel.

In the event of a claim against the University's travel insurance, the insurer may refer to the condition under the policy which states that an insured will exercise due diligence in doing all things to avoid or reduce any loss under the Policy.

When approving travel to any region that DFAT has advised "reconsider your need to travel" it needs to be considered whether the University has exercised due diligence, ie: is the travel essential or necessary at this time and have DFAT recommendations been complied with.

When the insurer is considering travel insurance claims where the traveller DFAT advice is "Do not travel" they will have regard for:

  • the benefits being claimed
  • specific need and justification for travel
  • level of warning for a specific area and the insured's areas of travel
  • timing of the DFAT advisory (pre/post approval/departure)
  • reasons for cancelling travel or continuing with travel
  • personal circumstances eg: mobility of traveller
  • policy conditions applying to benefits being claimed.

COVID-19 Related Losses

Based on Chubb’s COVID-19 endorsement on the travel policy wordings, the following COVID-related expenses are covered whilst an employee or student is travelling overseas on University business. Covered person means a traveller undertaking approved University business travel.

  • Medical, evacuation & additional Expenses if a covered person contracts COVID-19 whilst travelling overseas.
  • Loss of deposits, cancellation and disruption which is due to:
    • the covered person’s unexpected death from COVID-19; or
    • the covered person contracting COVID-19; or
    • the covered person, a close relative, close colleague or travelling companion of the covered person being directed by a health authority to quarantine because of a close contact with a positive or suspected positive case of COVID-19; or
    • a close relative, close colleague or travelling companion of the covered person contracting COVID-19, or their unexpected death from COVID-19.

The above does not include forfeited travel, hotel and out-of-pocket expenses where borders are shut down. It also does not apply to a University traveller's direct quarantine or testing-related expenses. Staying in a hotel due to closure of borders, including hotel quarantine as a result of entering and exiting a border; declinature to travel; “do not travel” warnings are not covered. The paid quarantine has to be a result of an insured person contracting Covid-19 as specified above and be a medical trigger under the policy.

The above are subject to the full terms, conditions and exclusion of the travel insurance policy.

Refer to Chubb’s COVID-19 Endorsement

International Exchange and International Work Placement Students

University students travelling overseas for the purpose of undertaking their work placement or international exchange are covered under our corporate travel insurance for the duration of their official placement/exchange semester.

  • Students are covered for one week before and after their official academic period. This includes orientation period and end of exam period
  • Students are only covered for one week between two semesters. Students must purchase their own insurance outside this period
  • Students are covered on weekends during academic periods
  • Students are not covered for private trips that require travel outside their host country or trips to areas that DFAT has issued a DO NOT TRAVEL notice, even if these trips fall within the approved exchange period. Students must purchase their own insurance for these periods
  • For work placement students, cover is from the time of leaving home until return to home, but cover is not provided whilst you are on holiday before or after the work placement

NOTE: some partner institutions require students to purchase their own insurance. The University insurance coverage does not override any mandatory "on campus" health insurance for which students may be liable. It is the students responsibility to either pay this mandatory insurance or arrange for the requirement to be waived directly with the host University.

Cover for Dual Purpose Travel

Dual Purpose Travel means any business travel which includes Private Days. A component of private travel such as periods of annual leave or long service leave would render a trip as having a dual purpose.

In the case of dual purpose trips, University travellers must arrange their own travel insurance for all private travel days.

Accompanying spouses, partners and dependants of travellers that are University employees as well as undergraduate and postgraduate students (including research students) are advised to obtain their own travel insurance for their leisure/private travel.

Students travelling internationally for study exchange are covered for the duration of their official semester period. The travel cover includes one week immediately before and after official semester start and end dates and a maximum of one week for any official semester breaks. A student is responsible for making their own travel insurance arrangements for any travel periods falling outside the periods stated above.

Travellers may access the University's insurer for private travel. For more information, please see the Chubb Travel Insurance Australia website (opens in a new window).


Please complete the Travel Insurance Claim Form (PDF, 328.41 KB) (opens in a new window). The Travel Claims - what to submit (PDF, 61.05 KB) (opens in a new window) may help you decide what documents need to be included depending on the type of claim.

  • Claims should be supported by all documents, medical certificates, police reports etc
  • Claim enquiries and completed claim forms together with all documentation are to be directed to the Senior Operations Accountant on 02 45707 1217 or Do not forward claims directly to the insurer as this will delay the claim being processed.

More Information

For more information or enquiries regarding this insurance, please contact Leah Dincog, Senior Operations Accountant on 02 4570 1217 or