Treasury is responsible for the Operational and Strategic management of the University's financial resources so that the University's day to day financial obligations can be satisfied. The major responsibilities in order to achieve this are as follows:

  • Understanding and managing the risks associated with cash flow, borrowing, interest rates and foreign exchange
  • Implementation and management of the investment strategy for University funds
  • Relationships with banks, rating agencies, investment managers and other financial service providers
  • Providing Treasury advice and support in relation to the University's operations and business strategies

The key Operational and Strategic activities within Treasury are:

Cash Management

Ensure the University has sufficient cash available to meet its short, medium and long term requirements.

Debt Management

Ensure the University has sufficient borrowing facilities to provide for working capital and long term capital investment.

Investment Management

The University has an approved Investment Policy which describes the parameters for investing funds such as Endowment fund, Foundation, Tied Funds, Research Funds, Capital Grants and free cash flow.

Bank Relationships

It is important that the University has banking partners that can support our current and long term banking requirements, such as cash management systems and borrowing facilities.

Risk Management

Fluctuations in interest rates can impact the cost of borrowing. Fluctuations in exchange rates can impact the A$ value of foreign currency receipts and payments.

If you require any assistance with the above please contact our Treasury team.

Nenos Mirza - Director, Treasury -
Michael Sanghera - Manager, Treasury Operations and Planning -