vUWS for Commencing Students

Virtual UWS or vUWS (pronounced 'views') is the name of the e-learning system at UWS that provides a range of online learning tools that your lecturer might use. The contents of each site are set up by your lecturer, to suit specific needs of the unit or course.

Useful resources

E-Learning Student Support Site: All students have access to the How to use vUWS site (opens in a new window) [log in to vUWS using your WesternAccount]. This site contains information about vUWS tools and mobile access, interactive video guides and practice assessments. This site will always appear in your My vUWS pane once you have logged in to the system.

More information about increasing your digital literacy skills is available at the Library Study Smart Digital Literacy page.

Getting started

E-Learning Student Support Site: Make sure you try the Practice Assignment and a Practice Quiz so you can experience submitting an assignment and quiz in vUWS before you need to submit actual assessable items. This will help you make sure your computer is configured correctly and give you  time to get help from the E-Learning Service Desk if you have any problems.

For Students tab: Click the 'For Students' tab in vUWS for quick access to Library links, vUWS support and other support available to students. This page also contains a browser checker, which should be run each time you update your operating system, browser or Java version.

Getting help

Help link within vUWS
If you would like to know more about using the tools provided in your site, click the Help link on the course menu of your vUWS site.

When to contact teaching staff about vUWS

If you have any enquiries about what is included in the vUWS site, please contact your teaching staff. All vUWS sites are different. Explore your site(s) and check information such as Unit Outlines, Learning Guides and other resources provided to find out what you have to do and how much time you are expected to spend online.

When to contact the IT Service Desk about vUWS

The IT Service Desk provides assistance for students and staff using vUWS. It is open from 8:00am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday.

To contact the IT Service Desk: phone (02) 9852 5111 or email

Using your your WesternAccount to log into vUWS

Your WesternAccount password must be changed every 400 days. If you haven't changed it in time, or are unable to log in to vUWS go to the About your WesternAccount page to check your account status and reset your password if necessary. It may take up to 20 minutes for your password to sync with our systems. Please see this guide "How do I login to vUWS".