About MyWestern

The MyWestern (opens in a new window) student portal is a point of entry to the applications, systems and notifications you'll need at Western Sydney U.

It's where you can go to check your email, access student systems and stay up-to-date with important news and events.

As development on MyWestern continues, you'll notice the content becoming more tailored to you.

MyWestern features

  • Timetable: Check your class times and locations on the go with the timetable feature built in to the content area.
  • Single sign-on access to systems: Available right now for vUWS and Office 365 applications including email, with more to follow. Single sign-on means you don't have to log in to these systems when you access them from MyWestern.
  • Content tailored to you: Over time, you'll start to see content specific to you and your course.
  • Device friendly: It works on your phone and tablet.

Accessing MyWestern

You can access MyWestern:

Use your student email address as ID.