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Need help with class registration? Watch the instructional video below or refer to our written instructions.

Instructional Video

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a class?

Classes are generally small groups of about 25 students, which last about one or two hours. Usually, classes are used to discuss and debate the lecture material and have an emphasis on student-teacher interaction and class participation. The term 'class' can also refer to tutorials, practicals, seminars and workshops.

Most classes have compulsory attendance requirements. Check the subject outline for each of your subjects to make sure you don't risk failing the requirements for that subject.

What does Class Registration involve?

Class Registration is completed in one of three ways, depending on the subjects and terms that you’re enrolled in, as well as the time at which you are completing the Class Registration process.

  • Preference Selection (Autumn, Spring, Summer, some 1H and some 2H subjects, College Terms)
    During the preference selection period, you will be asked to select your preferred class (and other class) times, using a preference system. It's as easy as listing the class times you prefer for each subject, in order from first preference to last. The subject details will tell you how many preferences you will need to enter for each subject. Subjects that require you to select preferences will have (PREFERENCE) listed next to the activity group.
  • Self-Allocation (Quarters, Sydney City terms, some 1H and some 2H subjects)
    For Quarters, Sydney City terms, some 1H and some 2H subjects, Class Registration is completed on a first-in, first-served basis. You will need to select a class (and other class) times for each subject. When you select a class time, you will be allocated to that class. Subjects that require you to select classes will have (SELECT) listed next to the activity group.
  • Manual Allocation
    For a small number of subjects, your school will manually allocate your Timetable for you. In this case, you are not required to enter preferences, or select your class times. Your School will advise you if manual allocation applies to your subjects.

You can learn more about what Class Registration by reading our "What is Class Registration?" Knowledge Article.

What do I need to register?

To register for your classes you will need to have:

  • a Windows based PC, Mac or smart device
  • access to the internet
  • your student ID
  • activated your WesternAccount
  • completed your registration into your subjects. You will not be able to access Class Registration (Allocate+) if you have not registered in your subject/s.

If you have problems, you should use a PC at the computer lab on your campus.

You must have activated your WesternAccount (opens in a new window) and enrolled with My Student Records (MySR).

Why can't I log in?

  • Did you access Class Registration directly?
  • Are cookies enabled on your browser? They need to be enabled (but they should be by default on Netscape and Edge browsers).
  • Have you changed your password at some time?
  • Are you registered in any subjects?

If you still can't log in, contact the IT Service Desk for help (log in problems only) on (02) 9852 5111.

I added a subject. Why can't I see it in Class Registration (Allocate+)?

You need to check that you are correctly enrolled in My Student Records (MySR).(opens in a new window) It's easy to forget the last step when registering into subjects. If MySR shows that you are enrolled, you will need to log out of Class Registration (Allocate+) and log in again for your details to update.  Please allow up to one hour for the system to update.

Do I need to register for classes for Online subjects?

If you are enrolled in a Western Sydney University Online course, you do not need to register for classes on Class Registration.

If you are enrolled in a face to face course, but have chosen an Online subject, you may still need to register for classes for that subject. The information in Allocate+ will indicate if class registration is required for each subject.

Do I need to register for classes for Online subjects?

Not all subjects have timetabled classes. Please check vUWS or contact your subject coordinator for further information.

Can I choose a class on a different campus?

You can only register in classes that are listed in Allocate+ under your enrolled subject. To register in classes on a different campus, you will first need to change your subject registration in MySR to the desired campus.

Some subjects and programs have restrictions on which campus you can register for, so if you’re unable to self-register for the subject in MySR, you may need to request permission from your Director of Academic Program by submitting a Rule Waiver eForm.

Do I need to register for all of the different activity types available in a subject?

The comments in the timetable for each subject will explain exactly what classes you have to select for that subject. You may need to add separate preferences for classes, laboratories and practicals for the same subject. Sometimes you may also need to add preferences for lectures.

To ensure you have successfully saved your preferences/allocated class times for all of your subjects, ensure there is a green tick or an orange pending icon next to each option down the left hand side, under your registration. Once you have been sorted into your preferences, the orange pending icons will turn into green tick icons.

You may find that the activities that you need to register for are grouped together within the subject so that you only need to add preferences once.

What does it mean if the class I want to register in has a constraint?

This means the subject has been reserved for students from a particular course. You should select a different class.

Can I change my preferences?

Yes, you can change your preferences at any stage up to the advertised closing date for preference selection. Simply return to the online Class Registration (Allocate+) system and change your current preferences.

Can I change my class allocations?

Yes, you can make changes to your class allocations up to the advertised closing date for class allocation adjustment. Simply return to the online Class Registration (Allocate+) system and select another class.

Am I eligible to change classes?

You are only eligible to change classes if you meet the following criteria:

  • All available classes full – not able to register
  • The times of my core subjects clash
  • I have an Academic Reasonable Adjustment Plan, which has the specific reasonable adjustment 'Class Pre-registration required' assigned
  • I am responsible for the care of another person (a Carer Verification statement (opens in a new window) is required from the Student Welfare Service)
  • I have Parental responsibilities (must attach a letter from Childcare Centre, School or GP outlining the impact of your caring responsibilities in relation to your timetable.)

Note: Work commitments are not considered an extenuating circumstance if submitting under the 'core subjects clash' criterion.

These criteria are strict and supporting documents must be supplied as noted on the form. All requests will be assessed by staff within the School that owns the subject.

What if the class I want to register in is full?

When a class is full, it means there are no available places for allocation. You will need to select another class time or request a swap/waitlist.

If all of the classes in the subject are full, you may need to register in a different subject. If you must complete the subject for your program, contact the Subject Coordinator for advice.

How do I request to change classes, if I'm eligible?

Students from both Western Sydney University and The College can submit a Timetable allocation or amendment form via the WesternNow Portal.

Forms submitted without the relevant supporting documentation will not be accepted. Submission of a form is not a guarantee that a change will be approved.

How do I request a swap/waitlist?

You can request a swap/waitlist by selecting the heart icon next to a full activity.

If your request cannot be processed immediately, you will be added to a waitlist which will display at the top of the screen. You can submit multiple requests for the same type of class for each subject, however there is no guarantee that requests can be fulfilled.

What does clash/problem mean?

Clash means that this class is at the same time as another that you’re already allocated to. You’ll need to change your other class first before you can allocate to this one.

If you click on the Clash icon you will see which class is causing the clash.

The Allocation Process

The allocation process (how you are placed into your classes) in Class Registration (Allocate+) involves a three-stage approach:

1. The Preference Sort

You will have a timeframe to submit your preferences. The opening and closing dates are available below and on the Class Registration webpage. You will also be sent an email advising you of these dates. After the closing date, you will be placed into your classes. You will then be able to log into Class Registration (Allocate+) (opens in a new window) to view your timetable.

2. Allocation Adjustment

Once placement has finished, additional places may still be available, and Class Registration (Allocate+) will then open for a period of time when students will be able to make changes to their timetable if they wish.  Please note, when all remaining places of a class time have been filled, you will not be able to select that option.

3. Automatic Allocation

Before term begins, any student who has not yet engaged with the system (put in preferences or selected classes in the allocation adjustment period) will be automatically put into any remaining places available (this excludes College students). College students will only be automatically allocated if they have engaged with the system.

When the Class Registration (Allocate+) system switches to read only, you will still be able to log into Class Registration (Allocate+) and view your timetable; however, you will not be able to make any changes.

What if I haven't been allocated?

If you did not enter your preferences before the advertised deadline or you were not allocated a class, you will need to select your classes from the available places.

This process will be on a basis where the option to change into a class time will no longer be available when all remaining places have been filled. This must be completed at least one week before the relevant teaching term starts.

In the week before the start of each teaching term, all students who have not been allocated to a class will be added to any available places. This means if you don't enter your own preferences, you will not have any choice in your class times.

Log in to online Class Registration

  • Make sure you have registered in your subject/s in MySR or you won't be able to access Class Registration (Allocate+)
  • Log into Class Registration (Allocate+) (opens in a new window) using your student email (e.g., and password.

Put in your preferences

  • You will see a list of the subjects you are enrolled in on the left hand side
  • Beneath each subject you will see the activity groups (i.e. lecture, practical, class) that you are required to attend. You must choose to attend one class time under each activity group
  • Click on an activity group to show the list of specific activities (class times) and submit your preferences
  • Enter your preferences - '1' for your first preferred timeslot, '2' for your second and so on until you have added the required number of preferences and submit
  • The more preferences you select, the greater the chance your timetable will be clash-free and work for you
  • Repeat this process for each subject you're enrolled
  • Note: If an activity group only lists one activity (class time), you do not need to enter a preference - you will be automatically allocated to that activity (class time)
  • Make sure you have saved a preference for all of your classes by ensuring each activity group on the left has either a green tick or an orange pending icon next to it. If there is a red unconfirmed icon, you have not yet saved your preferences for that activity group

Class Registration Tips and Tricks

Be prepared for Class Registration and follow these tips and tricks to help you navigate through the Class Registration process.

Tips and tricks

  • Make sure you have  enrolled in subjects. You cannot start planning your personal timetable until you are enrolled. Log in to Allocate+ to view the timetable for the relevant term and plan all of your options.
  • You have the entire Class Registration period to enter your preferences.  The system will not create any timetables until after the preference selection period closes. Not only do you have the entire period to enter your preferences, you can even go back to change them throughout the preference selection period.
  • Some activities such as lectures, will only have one option which you must attend. You will not need to select a preference for these as you will be automatically allocated into that option.
  • If you choose more preferences for each activity group, you have a better chance of getting a clash free timetable that works for you. It also reduces the risk of remaining unallocated to activities after the preference sort.
  • Putting your preferences in on the day preference selection opens, doesn't mean you are guaranteed a place in your first preference so make sure you select multiple preferences for each activity group.
  • There may be more than one activity timetabled at the same time (e.g. four Monday 9.00am classes), so make sure you scroll through the options.
  • When you are selecting your preferences, try to think about the times you can't be at uni. E.g. if you can't be at uni in the afternoon on Monday because of your work schedule, then select all Monday morning activities or activities on another day, if available, as your preferences.
    • You are more likely to get a timetable that works with your other commitments if you do this where possible. Unfortunately some subjects only have a limited number of options to choose from (e.g. only one lecture time and two classes to choose from).  If you really can't attend a class and there are no other options available, you may not be able to study that subject – consider changing your enrolment.
  • The % sign shows the popularity of each activity. The lower the percentage, the better chance you have of being placed into that activity. Try logging in towards the end of the preference selection period to see the popularity percentage for your subjects. You may wish to change your preferences based on this information.
  • To make it fair for all students, the preference selection period is not 'first in first served'. If an activity has a popularity percentage of more than 100% then more students have chosen that activity than places available. However, no student, whether they submitted their preference when the percentage was only at 50% or at 120% will be given priority over another.
    • Note: If an activity has a popularity percentage of more than 100% then not all students who selected that preference will receive a place, so make sure that you have chosen other options that work for you to avoid missing out altogether.
  • You have a better chance of getting a clash free timetable by choosing some of the less popular time slots that still work for you.
    • E.g. If you're enrolled in a subject with 300 other students, and all 300 students choose the class directly following the lecture, your chances of getting it are quite low. So you are more likely to get the class you select if you choose one that is less popular that you will still be able to attend.
  • When you have been allocated to an activity, you can request a swap to an activity that is full. If you opt to request for a swap, you will be placed on the waitlist.
    • To do this, click on the heart icon of a full activity. This a self-service action available to you in Allocate+.
  • There is an option to deallocate yourself from an activity, which allows you to not be allocated to any of the activities.
    • To do this, click the rubbish bin icon.
    • It is not recommended that you deallocate yourself as you will then be automatically forced into an activity by the system.