Tutorial Registration

Autumn/1H Session

  • Preference selection for Autumn/1H Sessions opens Wednesday, 25 January at 10.00am
  • Preference selection for Autumn/1H Sessions closes Monday, 13 February at 10.00am
  • Your personalised Autumn/1H timetable will be available in the Tutorial Registration (Allocate+) system after 10.00am on Tuesday, 14 February
  • Find out how to make the most of your timetable on our Tutorial Registration tips and tricks page

The process

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What is Tutorial Registration?

Tutorial Registration is how you choose your tutorials and put together your timetable at Western Sydney University.

We have recently implemented a new Tutorial Registration system called Allocate+. This new system allows you to select your preferred tutorial (and other class) times, using a preference system. It's as easy as listing the tutorial times you prefer for each unit, in order from first preference to last. The unit details will tell you how many preferences you will need to enter for each unit.

You'll need to make sure you are enrolled in all of your units in MyStudentRecords (MySR) or you won't be able to register for your tutorials.

What is a tutorial?

Most units have different types of classes that you will need to attend each week. These may include practicals, seminars and workshops, as well as tutorials. In online Tutorial Registration, the term 'tutorial' refers to all of these classes. For example, you may also need to use online Tutorial Registration to register your attendance in lectures, practicals or workshops.

Tutorials are small groups of about 25 students and are about one or two hours in duration. They provide a forum to discuss and debate the lecture materials and have an emphasis on student-teacher interaction and class participation.

Most tutorials have compulsory attendance requirements. If you miss more than two tutorials in a teaching session, you may be at risk of failing the requirements of that unit. Check the unit outline for each of your units to see their attendance requirements.

How do I complete Tutorial Registration?

Tutorial Registration is completed online. Log into Western Central using your WesternAccount username (your student ID number) and password, go to the 'Links' page and select Tutorial Registration (Allocate+) from the list.

How do I register?

When Tutorial Registration opens, you'll need to log in to Tutorial Registration through the Western Central and select your preferred class times out of the options available.

What do I need to complete Tutorial Registration?
  • a PC, Mac or smart device (e.g. iPad, Smart Phone etc). If you have problems, you should use a PC at the computer lab on your campus
  • access to the internet
  • your student ID
  • have activated your WesternAccount
  • have enrolled in your units properly

Units that don't require Tutorial Registration

Most students will need to register for some or all of their enrolled units each session. If you're not sure if you should register for your classes, read the notes at the top of the timetable page for each of your units.

Some postgraduate business units (generally those taught in Quarters) will not need to register for classes using online Tutorial Registration.

Online students

You do not need to register for tutorials for any Online unit.

Changing tutorials

You can change your tutorial preferences through Tutorial Registration (Allocate+) as many times as you want up to the advertised deadline. If you have extenuating circumstances that requires you to register for a tutorial that is already full, then you will need to complete the Request to Change Tutorial form and submit it to your School.

Need help?

Answers to some commonly asked Tutorial Registration questions can be found on the Tutorial Registration FAQs page.

If you have any questions, call the Student Central Infoline on 1300 668 370 (free).