Manage your time to avoid completing assignments at the last minute. Get organised with the Assignment Calculator.


Read all the information provided to you so that you know all the requirements for each unit of study: Learning Guides, vUWS sites, vUWS announcements, classes, and email.


Ask any questions you need to ask of your Unit Coordinator and tutor. If you don't, these unanswered questions could block your progress.


Develop your note taking skills. Keep detailed, accurate records of the sources you read and refer to so that you have this information at hand when you need it.


Check your work before you submit it and ensure you have included correct referencing and citation. The Referencing and citation (opens in a new window) resources will help you.


If available, pre-submit your work to Turnitin (opens in a new window) and use the Originality Report to revise your work before you submit it the final time for assessment.


Use the Academic Integrity Checklist (opens in a new window) to assess your work's academic integrity before final submission.


Seek assistance from the Library's Study Smart Officer service or Study Smart Online.

Drop into a campus library (opens in a new window) and ask Library staff or chat with an Online Librarian (opens in a new window) or ask a study expert.