Information Skills

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In a post-truth world, not all information is equal. Finding sources, understanding why some sources are better than others, and evaluating the quality of information for an assignment, are the suite of skills you have to learn quickly at uni. Developing and refining your judgement about information is something that the Library has the expertise to help you with.

✍️ One-To-One Help and Workshops

Study Smart Librarians are experts at referencing and researching topics and you can book 20-minute appointments with them.

Information Skills Workshops can help you learn how to use referencing tools like Endnote, or bring in your assignments and receive referencing guidance.


Unsure about how to start that assignment? Or how to reference? Here are some tools and Successful Searching Modules to help you quickly learn.

Constructing a search strategy RefQuest Pre-Reading Techniqiues Selective Reading Techniques

💡 How can you develop your information skills?

Check out the Library YouTube channel for videos on finding and evaluating information for your assignments.

Squircle Video

📖 Information Skills Guide

Download the PDF guide below for some quick tips on building up your information skills. Topic-by-topic PDFs can be accessed at How-To Guides.

Information Skills