Study Smart on vUWS

✍️ Get Credit for this Self-Paced Study Smart vUWS Course

There is a self-paced academic skills vUWS module you can register into:

  • COMM0001 Academic Literacy Online Workshop 2024 (available year-long) allows you to work at your own pace through a number of online modules. If you participate in this online workshop, 9024 - Academic Literacy – COMM0001 will be added to your Student Record. Note the workshop is free and therefore there are no subject fees connected to your participation.

    Register for Academic Literacy Online Workshop 2024

VUWS Registration instructions:

  • The pop-up link will take you to a log-in box. Log in using your STUDENT ID NUMBER (NOT your email address) and your PASSWORD. This will then take you straight to the online workshop (on vUWS).
  • Once you have used this link once, you should continue to find the workshop listed under ‘Companion Sites’ whenever you log into vUWS.
  • You will find all your subject vUWS sites listed on this page as well under ‘Subject Sites’.