Speaking, Collaborating and Presenting

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Presenting your ideas – confidently and coherently – in front of an anonymous crowd, among a room full of peers, with professional colleagues, or with clients, can still be nervous affair for a lot of us. But it’s a chance to tell your story, to be heard, and to make an impact. You can get better at it but it takes practise, feedback, and more practise. Attend Study Smart events to get a chance to access the expertise and space you need to practise your presentation, to use your voice, and to find your audience.

✍️ Events and Workshops

Want to practice your public speaking skills? Check out workshops to help build your confidence in public speaking, and check out Western's numerous Student Groups for lots of opportunities to share your voice with the Western community.

Student Groups Speaking Workshops


Wanting some tips for that class presentation or public speaking engagement? Check out these tools and resources.

Presentations Checklist Public Speaking Tutorial

💡 Where can presenting and collaborating skills take you?

Did you know that the largest regular poetry slam in Australia was co-established by Western Sydney University alumni? Check out the inspiring work of Bankstown Poetry Slam co-founder Sara Mansour:

📖 Speaking, Collaborating and Presenting Guide

Download the PDF guide below for some quick tips on developing your speaking, collaborating and presenting skills. Topic-by-topic PDFs can be accessed at How-To Guides.

Speaking, Collaborating and Presenting