Digital Literacy

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Make no mistake: the world has changed, and everything has gone online. Don’t be left behind. If you develop your digital literacy, you’ll learn what it takes to improve your academic performance. It could be as simple as navigating the library website to learning how to use complex online software. Digital literacy can help you breeze through university because you’ll have the skills to flourish in whatever technological environment you find yourself in.

✍️ Events and Workshops

Looking to upskill your knowledge of digital tools and receive recognition for it? Check out the Digital YOU program of events.

If you're interested in the intersection of digital skills and research, check out the Library's digital skills program of events.

Digital YOU Digital Literacy Training


Wanting to become more efficient with your digital technology use? Check out Knowledge Articles and the IT Guide for quick tech troubleshooting. Learn about how you'll be using Feedback Fruits on your learning management system Blackboard.

All Western Students now have access to Adobe Creative Campus - explore creative tools with generative AI capabilities for a wide range of applications such as graphic design, video editing, web development, and photography.

Knowledge Articles It Guide for Students Feedback Fruits Blackboard Tool Adobe Creative Campus

💡 The Adobe Creative Campus

Did you know that Western Sydney University is the first Adobe Creative Campus University in New South Wales? Watch the short video below to learn about all the apps you have access to.

📖 Digital Literacy Guide

Download the PDF guide below for some quick tips on building your digital literacy. Topic-by-topic PDFs can be accessed at How-To Guides.

Digital Literacy