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Academic Integrity Week Generative AI Workshops

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Want to ethically use generative AI? Check out these tools and guides below.

How to Reference Generative AI ChatGPT and Your Assignment Generative AI Subject Guide Adobe Creative Campus

⚠️ Turnitin's AI Writing Detector

With the rapid rise of artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, AI detection tools have emerged. This is an update on Turnitin’s new AI writing indicator.

Western Sydney University encourages the ethical use of generative artificial intelligence. In some subjects you may already be asked to use generative AI as a tool, but it is restricted in some subjects and some assessment tasks.

AI and Academic Integrity

It is important to note that while we are experiencing rapid advancements in AI, this does not mean that Western Sydney University’s values around academic integrity have changed. Refer to the Library’s Turnitin Student Support page for more information about Turnitin.

Can I use Generative AI at Uni?

If unsure about using generative AI, you should check assessment task instructions, vUWS sites, and Subject Outlines or seek advice from your Subject Coordinator. Where the ethical use of generative AI tools is encouraged, you will be expected to use it in responsible ways, and to acknowledge any use
or content you have created using generative AI. For guidance on how to do this, see this FAQ on acknowledging content from AI tools on the Library webpage. For further guidance, consult the Study Smart PDF ‘Generative AI and your assignment’. If you do use generative text AI, you need to reference and
cite accordingly. Consult the Library’s FAQ on referencing AI.

What is Turnitin’s AI Writing Detector?

Turnitin has launched its AI Writing Detector in the Similarity Report. The tool detects text that may have been authored by a generative AI tool

Why can’t students see Turnitin flags for generative AI?

This tool is currently only available in staff view. This is a decision made by Turnitin and cannot be altered by the university.

What if I haven’t used generative AI but my assignment is flagged in Turnitin for AI use?

Your lecturer or tutor will take a holistic approach and review your assignment to understand why your assignment was flagged. It does not mean you will be automatically referred for potential misconduct. Please consult subject resources such as the Subject Outline and vUWS site for additional information
on expectations regarding the use of AI in each assessment task.

💡 What do Students think about Generative AI?

Listen to this video about Western Sydney University students' experiences with generative AI.

Squircle Video

Western Sydney University also hosted a generative AI webinar where students had the opportunity to tell staff about their experiences with generative AI tools and ideas for the role generative AI will play in the future.

Squircle Video

Listen to this webinar for practical tips on what to do if it feels like you can’t submit that assignment or show up for that exam. In the era of generative AI, how to uphold values of academic integrity is becoming even more confusing, and this webinar addresses those concerns.

Squircle Video

📖 Generative AI Guide

Want a quick guide on how generative AI works at Western and how you can use it for future career success?

Download the PDF below so you're prepared for how generative AI can impact your studies. Topic-by-topic PDFs can be accessed at How-To Guides.

Generative AI