Study and Exam Success

As a student, you will likely recognise the feeling of information-overload that comes with assignments and exams. Why not take advantage of the uni's events and resources on exam and assessment preparation? Get the help you need to feel organised, start that assignment, and create those exam notes. Mastering assessment and exam preparation techniques will improve your university experience, and you will learn how to demolish those late nights and get closer to those HDs.

✍️ Peer Study Sessions

At Western, you have lots of support to help you reach your study goals.

At Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) you can receive help from fellow Western students on specific courses.

With MATES, you can receive mentoring and guidance from Western students.

Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander students studying at Western Sydney University or The College can apply for free tutoring through the Tutoring for Success (TFS) program.

And check out the Study Smart workshops to brush up on your study skills.

Peer Assisted Study Sesssions MATES Peer Mentoring Study Skills Events Tutoring for Success

🛠️ Tools

Want some tips or tools to help you manage your study load? Check out the resources below.

Assignment Planner + Calculator How-To Assessment Guides

💡 Want to know more about PASS?

Listen to this video to learn about the philosophy behind PASS sessions and hear from Western PASS Facilitators who are students just like you:

Squircle Video

📖 Academic Skills Pocketbook

Need a quick guide on the most important academic skills you need for uni? Scroll through or download the Academic Skills Pocketbook below. Topic-by-topic PDFs can be accessed at How-To Guides.