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Sydney Writers Festival

Sydney Writers Festival returns to Western Sydney University

Ideas will be flowing at Western Sydney University and the wider Western Sydney region throughout May, with the return of one of the world’s biggest literary events.

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We should work together in the race to mine the solar system

With interest in the prospect of mining the moon and asteroids gaining pace, it's time to take a hard look at what's really at stake.

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University excels at student experience

Western Sydney University has outperformed some of NSW’s more established universities according to data from the QILT website.

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MRI imaging moves from hospitals to forests to help sick trees

Research from Western Sydney University has found medical imaging techniques used in hospitals such as MRI scans are equally efficient at determining the health of trees with health problems.

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Rhythm on the brain, and why we can’t stop dancing

What are the underlying causes of these individual differences in dancing ability? By looking at the way the brain responds to rhythm, we can begin to understand why many of us can’t help but to move to a beat.

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Planned laws undermine native vegetation and biodiversity

The NSW government has released a very controversial piece of draft legislation that will remove restrictions on land clearance and, despite their claims, threaten biodiversity.


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