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Anzac Day 1

In remembering Anzac Day, what do we forget?

While the Anzac story was produced in colonial White Australia, Australia today is vastly different in demographic terms and is made up of people whose histories increasingly lie elsewhere.


Study finds new vaccination rules remind forgetful parents but fail to impact objectors

New vaccination regulations for parents looking to enrol their children in NSW child care centers has succeeded in reminding forgetful parents, but failed to affect conscientious objectors.

Western Sydney University shield

Community Awards celebrate outstanding contributions to Western Sydney

Western Sydney University’s Board of Trustees from time to time formally recognises outstanding contributions of individuals and organisations in the Greater Western Sydney community.


If the people can’t get to their jobs, bring the jobs to the people

It is difficult to find a public transport solution to Sydney’s congestion problem. Central to the problem is the journey-to-work rat race in Sydney’s west.

Piath Machut 3

Western Sydney University student helping refugees through NSW Youth Advisory Council

Piath Machut arrived in Australia from Sudan as a small child, and the NSW Government is now drawing on Piath’s experiences after appointing her to the Youth Advisory Council.

FOS Open Day 2

Explore one of Sydney’s heritage gems

The Female Orphan School on the banks of the Parramatta River is throwing open its doors to the community, with tours, art displays and more, as part of the annual National Trust Festival.


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