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Flower on road

Participants required for study into the death of parents

There is a growing body of knowledge regarding childhood loss and grief, but little is known about adults who have lived with childhood parental death.

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School of Education leads stronger commitment to social justice

The National Exceptional Teaching for Disadvantaged Schools project, aimed at making a difference to the education of students in disadvantaged communities.

Baby Abandonment 2

How fiction helps us understand the reality of a mother abandoning her newborn baby

In fiction, when a woman feels so desperate and hopeless she believes abandoning her baby is her only option, we are able to show sympathy.

Homeless Connect 2

Special event sees volunteers donate care packages to homeless

Volunteers at Western Sydney University spent Sunday 24 July packing hampers for Homeless Connect.

Barbed wire

Four Corners: why did two previous investigations fail to prevent this abuse?

These shocking pictures shown on Four Corners of children being abused at the Don Dale Youth Detention Centre should not have surprised anyone with an interest in the welfare of incarcerated children.

Whitlam 3

Leadership starts with the ability to articulate a vision, but what happens next?

Bombarded with repetitious and empty slogans it’s no wonder that many people simply switch off, or turn to other political candidates whose ability to ‘cut through’ is divorced from a cohesive and productive policy platform.


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