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Buildings 2

Changes for off-the-plan foreign buyers rely on a broken supply argument

The government is proposing changes to the foreign investment framework that will allow a foreign real estate investor to purchase an off-the-plan dwelling when another foreign investor has failed to reach settlement.

Widevision 5

Widevision showcases best of engineering

In a world constantly changing and in need of technological growth Western Sydney University engineering students presented their innovative project designs to industry partners at the 2016 Widevision showcase.

Catherine Attard new

Study finds cash and coins help engage primary maths students

The study aimed to tackle one of the most common complaints about maths classes- that they lack relevance outside school.

Grasses 1

Research finds common grass could help boost food security

Australian researchers have discovered that the common Panic grasses could hold the secret to increasing the yields of cereal crops and help feed the world.

Jane NCP

Sky’s the limit as New Colombo Plan students prepare to jet to Asia

Three Western Sydney University students have been awarded New Colombo scholarships by the Australian government to study in the Indo-Pacific region.

Phone 2

Participants needed for text message weight-loss study

Western Sydney University students at the University Centre for Rural Health (UCRH) are conducting research to investigate how regular text messages from health experts can assist with weight loss and healthy habits.


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