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Australian flags half mast

Research asks Australians for their opinion on six new flag designs

Australians are being asked to take part in research looking at attitudes to their flag and how they would feel if it was changed.


Report highlights Australia’s attitude problem to maths: expert

An Australian Industry Group survey of Australian businesses has found workplaces are struggling with substandard literacy and numeracy skills.

Paterson’s curse

Little shop of horrors: the Australian plants that can kill you

Australia is so famous for its dangerous creatures that visitors often arrive fearful that everything that moves is out to get them.

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‘Like a piranha’: how midwives' descriptions of breastfeeding affect women’s attitudes

A new study has found the sometimes negative language that health professionals use to describe breastfeeding is far from helpful.

Eucalypt 4

Eucalypt research finds Australian toughness key to survival

Eucalypt trees have been described as the ideal Australians - versatile, tough, sardonic and self-mocking.

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Why politicians hate the idea of taxing the homes of ‘the rich’

There is a real and understandable view that your main residence, or your family home, is off-limits from government intervention.


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